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Friday Love Letters

Giveaways from Moi happening here and here. Both end on 1/1! Go enter 🙂*********************************************************** Waaaaay back when in 2008, I started up this thing called Friday Love Letters on my family’s blog. You can read some of the goods, here and here. Recently I came across this fun blog, with the same concept!! SWEET! Totally […]

The Switch

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So as far as I can tell “The Switch” is on! On like Donkey Kong!! {is now} =  Read more about “The Switch” here. Speaking of switching… switching things over has been never-ending. Everytime I think I’m done, I remember another thing I have to switch over. One of […]

Hello !? Is this thing on ??

Hello lovely readers! K here. Even tho B posted her big announcement yesterday, it was something that we’ve been planning on since she moved to California over a month ago. With that said, I’ve been busy trying to get everything in order to adapt to the changes that will take place on this here blog-o! […]

Good Bye For Now

Hello my good peeps of blog world!  It has been a while since I have been around, and for that I want to say sorry!  I have for sure missed you all, and think about you every single day. (wink wink)  I know that K has taken great care of you all though, and she […]

Momma’s New Years Resolutions – Linky Partay!!

 I’m a list maker, so it’s no surprise I’m a New Years’ Resolution list maker too! 2012 is going to be another AMAZING year! I can feel it! Exciting changes are coming to the blog, so be on the look out! Here’s my Top Ten list 🙂 Link up below to share yours! 1) TRY […]