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3 Step Easy Slutty Brownies – a recipe

I first saw these ridiculously easy, messy (dirty) brownies over at my friend’s Ashley’s place. She put it perfectly “They are unnecessary, easy, and sinful.” Insert the Slutty Brownies name. Read on to see how I made ours!   Gather ingredients: A roll of cookie dough – chocolate chip in our case A package of […]

Funny how {He} knows

A song came on the radio in the car the other day. The same song that a lady years ago sang as we sat in one of the pews at church. Nate and I had just moved to Wisconsin from Nevada. A new chapter in our lives.  I remember feeling every emotion possible. Excitement, fear […]

WIWW Blog Post Blues – Fashion HELP please!

I’m just not feeling it. There I said it. I’m talking about getting dressed… OUT of my “mommy uniform” of shirts/tanks and my velour jogging pants, well shorts now that it’s getting hot. Yup, that’s my secret. I know if I just did it, I’d feel better, but thinking about it makes me tired, ha! […]

{Sponsor} Laura – Our Reflection & a Giveaway

Please welcome my lovely friend Laura from Our Reflection! It has been wonderful getting to know her more. Her positive attitude is awesome and contagious, and I’m so grateful to share a little more of her with you today! Take it away Laura! Blog|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest| Photography Tell us about yourself: Hi, my name is Laura from Our […]

Friday Love Letters – March Madness

Enter to win the March LUCKY YOU Sponsor Group Giveaway!!Click here. Daily entries, so get em while it’s hot!**************************************** March Madness = The Foley HouseYup, something like that, considering it’s almost APRIL peeps!! It’s been a good busy month for us yet again, here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to! Dear Cerrisse, thanks […]