DIY Travel Theme Farewell Partay! The Deets

I had been planning a surprise farewell party for “the other Foley family” for over a month, and I’m so happy to say it went off without a hitch! AND better yet, it was kept secret till the day of! Woot woot!
 I knew right away I wanted to do a “travel” theme, SINGAPORE style.
The Decor
Saw this fun idea on Pinterest.
I placed a penny inside each balloon before blowing them up, stringing them, and hanging them myself. This added an extra weight to hold the balloons “down”.
Note: Next time I’ll still use the penny, but use helium so the balloons are all the same size. Not sure why some balloons shriveled up while waiting for the party to start?? Again using helium next time will help solve that problem too.

Centerpiece #1
I wrapped Starbucks glass containers that I’ve been saving for a rainy day, with fun colorful paper, and used those as vases.
I then used skewers and some paper to make pin wheels as the “flowers” for the vases.

Centerpiece #2
I used a globe we had on hand to mark all the places they’ve lived thruout their “moving” journey so far. I used black cardstock to “draw” an arrow from California (where they were) to Singapore (to where they went). The visual was fun!! Everyone loved it and it made for a great conversation starter.

The cluster of four hearts represented their journey so far.
Wisconsin to Florida to Ohio to California and now….

to Singapore!!

I also found some free use images off the internet that I had printed up at Walmart and then framed in Dollar Store 4×6 frames. I placed these thruout the party. Four around the globe, a couple by centerpiece #1, on the buffet counters. Again, SO fun for people to engage and see and get a feel to where they are moving too!

Fun Detail

The hubs and our nephew Preston helped hang the paper airplanes Pres taught me how to make made for me. I added their names and some read Singapore to personalize them. Actually they read Singa”more”… good thing everyone knew where I meant, ha!

(Sorry no pics, bad Blogger, ha!)
I had made fun “passports” on lanyards for everyone, but forgot them (insert sad sad face here). Instead I used necklace beads, and every time someone said the word “Singapore” or “Airplanes” they had to give up their necklace to the person that “caught them”. The person with the most lanyards/necklaces at the end of the party won the prize of $20 cash money baby!
Also I had a list of fun Singapore facts that people could read when they wanted. Did you know it’s ILLEGAL to chew gum there?! BUT prostitution is LEGAL?! Strange!
We researched and made food to fit the theme.
Grilled veggie kabobs – after taking them off the grill we brushed them with the yummy glaze below (from my Grandma)

 -1 can crushed pineapple (8 ounce.)
- 1 c. brown sugar firmly packed 
- 1 Tbsp. prepared mustard
- 1 tsp dry mustard 
-1 Tbsp. lemon juice 
-1 dash of salt

Directions: Drain the syrup from the pineapple; set syrup aside. Combine the liquid removed from the pineapple with the brown sugar, mustards, lemon juice and salt in saucepan. Heat until the sugar is dissolved, stirring constantly. Add in as much reserved syrup as needed to make the mix a good brushing consistency.

Lucky for me Filipino food mirrors a lot of “Singapore infused food,” so my Mom seriously went to town. I gave her the menu and she delivered! The main dish was Chicken kabobs, one batch we marinated in a Peanut Sauce my MIL found. SO GOOD!

For dessert I set up a “Halo Halo” station

So easy! Pick your ingredients and fill the bottom of your glass.
I make mine with a little bit of everything in it.
And yes, that says Red Mango Beans in the left upper corner! Trust me friends! SO GOOD!

Add crushed/shaved ice on top of your “stuff” until glass is full.
Add a bit of sweetened condensed milk, and top off with regular milk.
No Ube ice cream {insert sad face here} but if you can get your hands on some, do it and add LOTS of that in!!

The End Product – #getinmybelly

 I also had a cake made and kept with the travel, now turned vacation theme, because apparently it’s hard to draw airplanes, or globes, or Singapore.

I had them write out “Good Bye/Farewell/Good Luck on Your Journey” on the cake. That’s totally what the above saying stood for when I searched for what I wanted to say to them.

I’m known for having a Signature Drink at all my parties, and this one was no exception! Introducing the Singapore Sling!

I found one of the easiest recipes here, but when I went to the store I forgot my list (don’t you hate when that happens?). So I got what I could remember and the Hubs went to town!

Pineapple Juice
Club Soda

Using a tall glass
Fill glass half full with crushed ice
Add two shots of Gin
 Two shots of {Cherry} Brandy
Two shots of Pineapple Juice
Top with Club Soda
 A splash of Grenadine
And a cherry on top

Not only does it look pretty, it tastes SO yummy!!
I failed at taking a tasty pic of the drink, so here’s me and Brit enjoying them!

 Embellished Straws always adds to a party! Don’t you agree?!

And that in a nutshell is the deets on their surprise
Travel Theme Farewell Party!
SO fun to put together and everyone had a blast, that’s what they said anyway (wink wink)!

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  1. You did such a great job! Makes me want to host a party. Too bad only about 5 people can fit in this little college newlywed apartment :)

  2. Looks like such a fun party!!! I love what you did with the Starbucks containers…I always feel awful about getting rid of glass containers, even though I recycle. So thanks for the inspiration! I also will definitely be trying the Singapore Sling. Sounds amazing!

  3. It looks great!! I need to come to one of your parties!

  4. It sounds like this party was a blast! :) What a good SIL/AUNT you are!

  5. It was such an awesome suppirse!! Thank you so much for throwing it for us!! You are awesomeness to the core :)

  6. Holy cow mama that’s a lot of work! You are so sweet for doing that and it looks like you had so much fun! xoxo

  7. Super cute and fun!!!

  8. LOVE IT Kristine!!!!! Every single detail was perfect (even the cake hehe).. and it looks like you had a bunch of fun…. which means it was a SUCCESS!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you link up this evening!

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