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Friday Fav Letters

Dear Baby Daddy, SO cool to take our two girls to one of “our” spots. Who would’ve thought life would be so grand? Oh yeah, you did! Love you to the moon and back! #PineValley Dear Magpie,  you are my favorite almost TWO year old! #UNBELIEVABLE #timeisnotonmyside #playingdressupalldaylong Dear Mia, your pig snorts is one […]

Holllllly muthhhheeeerr! #withdrawals

Last call for July Sponsors!For more deets and to join The Foley Fam sponsorship family click here.Email me if you have questions, I would love to help you grow your blog/shop!********************************************************************* It’s been DAYS since I’ve blogged and I was missing it something fierce! #withdrawals First off lots of new faces!! WELCOME pretty little faces!  […]

Sunday FUNday (sort of) + June Sponsor Group GIVEAWAY

Click here to enter to win shop credit to The Hollie Rogue shop!  Ends soon! Are you here to link up your awesome-ness since it is Sunday and all?I’ve got a special treat today! Check out my fabulous June Sponsors and enter to win the swag they are generously giving away to ONE of you […]

Do ya? Do ya?

Want me to help you grow your shop or blog?  Current Stats: Page Views last month: 30,000+ Followers via Google Friend Connect: 1,000+  Followers via Feedburner: 1,000+  And a combined number of 5,260+ Fans via Bloglovin’, Twitter and Facebook  That doesn’t include my networking on   Hellocotton, Linky Followers, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest! I still have […]

Friday Fav Letters

 Whoo-rah! It’s Friday! Ya know, in case you didn’t know. #insertfistpumpshere #lovemywiscogirlsLet’s jump right in shall we! Dear Baby Daddy, love that when I say {I hate surprises} you know that I REALLY mean {I freakin LOVE surprises} #youknowmebetterthananyone #gladyoudontlistentome #happyfreakinanniversary  Dear Big M, You are such a {Mommy} You were SO worried that your […]