Friday Fav Letters

 Whoo-rah! It’s Friday! Ya know, in case you didn’t know. #insertfistpumpshere #lovemywiscogirls
Let’s jump right in shall we!
Dear Baby Daddy, love that when I say {I hate surprises} you know that I REALLY mean {I freakin LOVE surprises} #youknowmebetterthananyone #gladyoudontlistentome #happyfreakinanniversary
 Dear Big M, You are such a {Mommy} You were SO worried that your baby doll didn’t have a seatbelt in your mini cart #safetyfirst
Dear Little M, aka Suck.u.bus. I promise we are doing everything we can to get those damn teeth out! Even letting you suck my face off! #isthatahickyonmyeffinchin!? #hernewpermiface #loveit #toothlessfornow
Dear Gpa and Gma, We are SO happy you’re home!
#reunitedanditfeelssogood #singitlikeyoumeanit
Dear Momma, thanks for always encouraging us to take time for ourselves, and for watching M&M. LOVE that when we leave them they’re never crying. #mommaguiltsucksballs #thatsMiastiredface #NOTsadface

Dear Valley of Fire, you won my heart 12.5 years ago and you did it again this week! #ourspot #ourelephant #canyouspotit

Dear Sister, are you sure you live in Texas? Because I swear you live in our house. Maggie wakes up asking for you. #bestauntie #loveSkype #donthatewiththeicecreampicsistah #youknowyouloveit
Dear Raven, you totally made my whole life day with your tweet yesterday! The pic below deserves a whole post, but ya know I don’t want to come off as a creeeeeper, ha! #toolate P.S. Sorry, MY “blog snobs” post is a lot harder to write than I thought #nextweekpromise #ifyoudontfollowher #go #now
Dear Notice of Intent to Issue an Arrest Warrant, thanks for the laughs! #tillourcheekshurt #guesswhothisisfor #ridingdirty

Dear Long Ass Hair, I don’t remember the last time I had a good hair day. Thank you for helping a girl out this past week for my anniversary date. #ialmostcutyou Good hair day = self portraits galore. I kinda went crazy on our roadtrip. #goodformysoul/confidence #goodfortheHubs #bowchicawowwow

Dear Husband, Magpie, and Suck.u.bus, guess I was too busy taking pics of myself this past week that I don’t even have more solos to show off of your guys’ cuteness. #loveyouthree #illdobetterthisweek
And last, but not least, Dear Readers, I promise I haven’t forgotten about my 1,000 GFC followers partay I promised last week, but I’m still racking my brain on how to celebrate. #thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm  While waiting be sure and check out the giveaway going on now to the lovely Hollie Rogue shop below!

Linkin up with my bishes lovely ladies below and maybe here, you should too! All the cool kids are doing it (wink wink)!


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  1. so happy and fun pics! keep them up! 🙂

  2. love this list kristine 🙂 your blog is super cute!

  3. She looks so cute with the tiny cart!

  4. I love your Friday Fave Letters they are always so cute.

  5. I love your Friday letters Kristine! More importantly I love all your witty hashtags lol. I totally say I don’t like surprises when I secretly do too. In theory surprises are scary but they’re romantic when planned by your other half. Haha


  6. Glad you found me through Friday’s Letters. Love that your daugther was looking for a seat belt in her shopping cart. Just became a follower!

  7. Love your letters, as always! LOOK, I’M COMMENTING. Haha! I had to type it with one finger cause there’s a clingy toddler on one hip but I did it. Cuz I love you.

  8. well its true…I DO looooove you! I promise to be a better bloggy friend and show my face more around here, because yours IS one of my faves!!!! You have a gorgeous family! Talk about some good genes going on there!!

  9. You’re gonna have to explain that whole about to be a warrant business… haha. LOVED that post from Raven too! 🙂

  10. Your children are too too cute. Oh my gosh your daughter wanted a seatbelt?! What a sweetheart. And I love your hair. It’s beautiful. I have such thin and frizzy hair and would give anything to be able to grow my hair long. Keep it long!

  11. Thats so cute of course we love surprises, what a great man you have here. Your hair looks gorgeous luscious and long. Im growing my hair as well and I feel so pretty when its just been washed and its all soft and floaty. Thanks so much for visiting my blog look forward to following you on your journey 🙂

  12. Love the long curls! Looking good and you are a wanted woman… love it! Have a great weekend!

  13. haha hilarious.. i love the “guess i was too busy taking pic of myself” lol.. been there girl.. aint no shame..

  14. you guys are so cute 🙂 i love you and your family!
    happy anniversary hun! xo

  15. okay so big M with the shopping cart? so cute I cant even stand it—- I loved every single on of your letters. And also loved your shout out to ravey pants. She is pretty awesome, as are you! Thanks for linking up with me!


  16. That photo of Little M (and Big M for that matter) – cutest. things. ever.

  17. New follower 🙂 Found you through Bonnie’s blog. Loving your blog…what a beautiful family you have! I am just getting back into blogging…looking forward to getting to know you 🙂


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