No Day, but TODAY + BONUS Leather Cuff GIVEAWAY

“Forget regret, or life is yours to miss. No other road, no other way.
No day, but TODAY” - Rent, The Musical
Remember my “TODAY” cuff? If not you can see me stylin it here.
Lucky treat today is that you get a chance at winning a “matching” custom one I had Terril of Thoughts With Dots make! The beauty below to be exact!
Read on to learn about this amazing family, and sweet Kingston!
Hello Foley Family lovers…. My name is Terril Vanderkallen,
I am the co-owner of Thoughts With Dots and we specialize in creating custom Braille jewelry. 
Our business started from my little inspirational, miracle baby Kingston. He is now 3 1/2, but he was born with a cleft lip, nose and palate and he is legally deaf and 100% blind.
Kingston was born with C.H.A.R.G.E. syndrome and has had quite the struggle to be alive today. This little boy wasn’t given three out of the five very precious senses, but has managed to embrace the world with exactly what he has been given. With the help of surgery, Kingston’s diaphragm has been tightened, a feeding tube has been placed in order for him to eat, his cleft palate, lip & nose have been repaired, and tubes have been inserted into his ear canals giving him some sense of sound. Kingston, so far, has had a smooth recovery. Kingston will never experience the gift of sight and is in the process of learning Braille and American Sign Language. Thoughts With Dots was created with aspirations of his friends and family learning the Braille Language to communicate with him directly.
I am 30yrs old with a bachelors degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice, and with Kingston’s constant needs I am not able to work outside the home. What a better way than to be my own boss? Thoughts With Dots allows me to express my creativity with creating new ideas/designs for our bracelets and be at home with Kingston.
There is nothing out there like Thoughts With Dots, its using Braille as a fashion statement. People can have their bracelet custom made so that it says whatever they would like and keeping it “secret” if they choose. My favorite words in Braille are the words of encouragement, and words of love and faith. Many people also choose to put a loved ones name on their bracelet. Genius right?
Please take a moment to read our blog to learn about Kingston and our journey. You will love him as much as we do, and you will be inspired.
XOXO Terril Vanderkallen
Be sure to head on over and get to know this awesome family and company!
You will leave inspired.
In addition to the GIVEAWAY below, Terril is offering the AMAZING deal!
*of equal or lesser value and the deal DOES NOT include custom orders
Ends tonight (Monday, the 4th)!
Scoot on over and take advantage of this awesome deal!
K, lovely friends!
The giveaway is super easy below using Rafflecopter.
Please note: This giveaway is only open to U.S. Residents and you MUST complete the first THREE entries in order to win. Unlock those three for more entries to increase your chance of winning!
Good luck buttercups!

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  1. I LOVE these bracelets, and what a cool concept! I think the Korean Flowers are my favorites.

    Shaping Up To Be A Mom

  2. I normally don’t like this kind of stuff, but I love these! I love the Korean Flowers!!!

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    New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

  4. I love the lovebirds one!

  5. I believe my favorites are the Tribal ones – with my very favorite being the one with the word Honor thanks for this great giveaway!

  6. The black musical flowers is my favorite cuff! What an inspiration!! :)

  7. Wonderful giveaway!
    I really like the Lovebirds bracelet! They are all beautiful, it was hard to choose! :)
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  8. I so love her site. I saved it. I love the cause. really unique. I want to buy one and maybe I can in the next month or two {paying down debt}

  9. These are SO beautiful!!! My fav is: Glitterd Korean Flowers (blue flowers on black leather )!

  10. THe Korean and polynesian flowers are my faves but they are all gorgeous!

  11. I love the sunflower power bracelet!

  12. I love the brown Korean Flowers one! adorable :)

  13. I love the korean flowers in natural!

    brittany k
    littleassemblyrequired at gmail dot com

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