Just Own The Night….

like the 4th of July!!
For those of you that follow my fam’s 365 day blog you know I used this title/song last year #repeat
I figured why mess with a perfect thing. #youcanbet #IamSOblastingthissongasIwritethispost
It’s that time again… my favorite summer holiday is here!! #doublewoot #fistpumps
Maggie last year when we celebrated in Page, AZ Aren’t those piggies to die for?!

For me, the Fourth of July means a fun-filled day of grilling out, splashing in some water other than our bathtub, and celebrating with family and friends.  
This year I might even have some yummy 4th of July treats ready to go! I know… sorry I didn’t make them, photograph them, and share them BEFORE the holiday #badblogger but no worries there’s always next year right (wink)? Be honest, how many of you do that? Because you are all sorts of awesome-sauce if you do! #Iwish #howdoyounotweight1millionlbsmakingonebeforethenduringeachholiday

No matter what you have planned, take time to kick back, relax, and CELEBRATE this great American holiday!

Cheers to a kick ass 4th of July!
How are you celebrating?
Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. This post took FOR.EV.ER. to write, because I was too busy rockin out!

P.S.S. THANK YOU for all your awesome comments, messages, and tweets in regards to my first vloggity vlog!! Lots of you said you have never done one either! I encourage you to #justdoit I would love to SEE YOU, so be sure to let me know if you jump on the train!! #vloggytrain #choochoo


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  1. Happy 4th of July Kristine!!! Oh, those piggie tails!!! LOVE!! xoxo We will be watching fireworks by the lake near our house! This is my favorite holiday too! 🙂 Happy 4th of July to you and your family!!

  2. Omg those piggies just launched me right into baby fever! She’s so stinkin adorable! I need a baby girl now. 😀

  3. Happy Fourth of July!

  4. Cute picture! I love the outfit. I’m a new follower and would love if you stopped by and followed back at http://www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

  5. Happy 4th Kristine!! 🙂 I’ll be picnicking in the park with my fam this holiday. I have such a hard time posting this BEFORE a holiday too, it’s just a busy time! Have a fun time today with your fam!


  6. OMG that outfit is to CUTE! Just stopping by to say HI! Found your blog via Red, White and You. I am following you now. Looking forward to reading your future post.

  7. Happy 4th to you and that song is the BOMB!

  8. Visiting from Red, White and You. LOVE “Firework” it’smy favorite running song!


  9. Maggie is so cute that I just want to eat her up! Happy 4th!

  10. What a cutie girl! Love those pigtails and that outfit. That girly knows how to represent.

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