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Friday Fav Letters

Another week down with the Hubs working out of town. We survived! #PTL Of course GINORMOUS thanks to my Momma and Gpa and Gma. Dear Baby Daddy, SO excited we are coming with you this next week! SLC here we come! Never thought I’d be excited to spend a week in SLC ?? Dear Magpie, […]

Operation: Get Me In a Bikini #5

So after checking my weight last week,  I refuse to get on the scale again. Those effin numbers. They just can’t help but cramp my style. #canIgetanamen Ya know what tho? Total.Motivation. I am thinking I’ll take my weight monthly? Ya know, just to see… Anyways, doesn’t muscle weigh more than fat? #askedthechunkymidget This past […]

Bloglovin Hoppity Hop – Link It Up!

Hi friends!! I can’t believe it’s the last Thursday of August?! #saywhat Not sure how that happened. The last Thursday of every month I host this FABULOUS Bloglovin Hop with some pretty FABULOUS ladies! Let’s get down to biznazz shall we?!  Instructions on how to partay like a ROCKSTAR: *Please follow each host’s blog via […]

Where Did She Learn THAT? + a Discount Code!

Whoa! 2nd post of the day peeps! #canIgetawootwootDon’t miss out on my bloggy tips and tricks from this morning. So if you’ve been around these parts for even a post or two, you’ll know that this ain’t no fashion blog.And apparently I don’t care for using proper English vocab either.#aintaintaword   Now don’t misunderstand me. I […]

{Blog Tips and Tricks} Tying Up Loose Ends

HEY NOW friends! Hope you’re having a great start to your week!  With my big announcement last Friday, {I’ve} been able to get things done on the blog that I’ve been meaning to get done! #wootwoot And it feels goooooooood. First off, my linky parties tab there on top ^^^ it’s FINALLY updated ya’ll! It’s […]