{Blog Tips and Tricks} Tying Up Loose Ends

HEY NOW friends!
Hope you’re having a great start to your week! 
With my big announcement last Friday, {I’ve} been able to get things done on the blog that I’ve been meaning to get done! #wootwoot
And it feels goooooooood.
First off, my linky parties tab there on top ^^^ it’s FINALLY updated ya’ll!
It’s something that has been begging to be updated since I made it about a year ago #outdated and even tho I saw it as something I HAD to get done, it always took a back seat.
Please feel free to use it! 
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Are you wondering how to make your own {Pages} look like mine?
Since I do believe sharing is caring, I’ll let you in on {my secret}.
I received an email from my lovely friend Tammie who blogs at Living With My Blessings and she shared an awesome tutorial from Miss Information on how her pages were set up! This was exactly what I’ve been meaning to do, just wasn’t sure how I wanted to and when I’d make time to figure it out. 
The tute was extremely helpful and Cassie went to work!
Love it!
Let me know if you use the tutorial and how you like it! Thanks so much Tammie for passing on the info to me!
I’ve received some questions about past posts,
things I’ve written about that I was meaning to expand on, and then life just kept happening, and things have been left unexplained. 
So with that said, today I’m answering a few of those questions.
Tying up the loose ends if you will, hence the name of this post.
{Hence} I hate dislike that word.
Seems to subconsciously be my new fav word tho #boo
One of thee most asked about pictures/incidents is the pic below:
I wrote about it here.
Story behind it:
My Mom got “pulled over” in front of her house.
She literally got out of her car to an officer with his lights on parked behind her, telling her to remain in her vehicle.
To make a long hilarious now story short, he issued her a ticket.
My Momma forgot to pay it or show up for the court date that was scheduled.
So BAM! 
My Momma was almost a wanted fugitive.
Thank goodness we came across the above letter, and she had exactly one day to pay it before she would have had a warrant out for her arrest.
#allwentsmoothly #tiedup
Dear Readers, 
I am not. I repeat am not preggers. #sigh #bittersweet 
All the “secretive-ness” in my blog posts were in regards to Nate’s job change.
At the time, I really could not share it, because we wanted to make sure everything was all set before we jumped the gun.
Ube = A purple yam
Ube ice cream = dancing taste buds
Macapuno Ube ice cream = Ube with coconut strings in it
Pan de Sal = Filipino bread
Macapuno Ube ice cream + Pan de Sal should be a crime!
#oh.so.good #dontknockittillyourockit
And that’s all I got for you today chickees!
Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!
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  1. Your blog is so cute, I really like it. How funny that your mom was going to have a warrant out for her arrest, how scary at the same time!!

    Im your newest follower and hosting a giveaway for TATCHA this week!


    XOXO Tiffany

  2. Lol it’s such a Filipino thing to combine bread (pan de sal) and ice cream! I still can’t explain it to my friend but it’s just SO right. Lol Thanks for educating the masses Kristine, what would we do without you?!? (That’s serious, no sarcasm people)


  3. Hey girl … I nominated you for the Liebster Award, Check it out here:

  4. Such a fun post! I would love for you to add my party BACK FOR SECONDS SOCIAL to your page! It just kicked off tonight and I would love for you to join 🙂

  5. Uh oh…your mama was in trouble with the po-po 🙂 lol

  6. Thanks for mentioning my name. That was so nice of you 🙂 Now, if I can just figure out this inlinks thing then my bloggo MIGHT rock as much as yours does … but I doubt it because you just seem to ooze coolness 🙂

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