Post disclaimer: don’t hate the player, hate the game.
If you don’t like em, we don’t like YOU!
Ok… totally just playing playa.
Remember I’m all about agreeing to disagree, but not sure about the Hubs on this subject ??
We are passionate about our GREEN AND GOLD over here at The Foley Fam household and we are ready for a great season!
Football Season aka Packer Season over here means 
bring on Fall, 
and lots more ROWDY Sundays! 
Check out why our fam bleeds green and gold here.
Do you watch football? 
Is it big in your home? 
Are you one to just “put up with” and shudder at the thought of football season? 
I didn’t grow up big on football at all, we were more of a basketball fam #Lakersfan #borninNorthridgeCali
Since meeting Nate I really enjoy it!
Fam time, good food, it just adds to an even better Sunday FUNday for us!
Attending sporting events is one of our fav things to do!

There’s nothing friends. 
And I mean nothing compared to watching the Pack WIN in Lambeau Field during a play off game! #UH.MAY.ZING.
And yes to all you haters 😛 we ended up losing that year, the very next game (insert broken hearts here) but moving on…..
I’d ask who you cheer for, but it’s not high on my priorities of knowing #ha #trashtalk #competition 
Unless you need me to make you a hair pretty in your team colors. 
Or unless… you also bleed green and gold?
And I don’t mean you fair weather fans.
You can’t like Brett Favre AND the Green Bay Packers #blasphemy
Sorry. #justspeakingthetruth

If you’re like me, you’d be a wee bit offended by this post…
or maybe I’ve got your skin boiling a bit.
That’s good.
Competition does that to me.
Hope it does it for you too!
We can agree on that (wink wink).
Here we go friends, CHEERS to a great season!
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  1. How cute is that little bebe!!!!

  2. Just found your blog! And you’re a Sconny girl!!! AWESOME! Your family is too dang cute 🙂 I’m from Wisconsin (went to Madison) – and I’ve been living in MN for the past 8 years… I’m so sick of the Vikings and purple pride… GO PACK GO!


  3. HAHA! Nicely done on the Mia pics! 🙂 What a cutie pie she is!!!

  4. If you replaced the green with some black, then I could get on board…lol 🙂

  5. Haha 😀 My dad is a huge Packers fan!

  6. Super cute lil baby in her football gear! but I also have to hate…just a little…GO steelers hehe! =)

  7. I can tell we are all going to have fun this football season! LWLH, you meant black & gold for the Saints?!? 🙂 Love this post and love good competition! Cheers to a good season this year! #WHODAT !!!!

  8. Yes, another Packers fan!!! haha Umm and could you seriously make a headband in Packer’s colors? Because I would probably buy one!

  9. Mia is adorable in those pics!! SO CUTE. Steve bought the NFL channel over here so we can watch some football! They are replaying the Packer game tongiht, WHOHOOOO! Go Pack Go!

  10. Of course I like the Packers! My mom is from WI and has many family up there rooting for them (:

  11. Though I really don’t get into football, I still like my home team to do well! Go Packers! 🙂

  12. BRONCOSSSSS are taking it this year 🙂 I love a good football rivalry 😉


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