Just tell Him I sent you

Hello lovely friends!
My heart’s a little heavy today #blah #sonotlikeme
And unfortunately this isn’t the platform to let it all hang out
Not this time anyway {wink wink}.

I do ask that you send a little prayer up for us please.
Just tell Him I sent you.
He’ll know what it’s for. #thankyouinadvance

As I sit here writing, then deleting, then attempting to write my raw feelings down again I get a whiff {sounds yummy I know, ha} of that weird phenomenon known as Deja vu. 

I experience it quite often {I think}.
Anyone else?
Do you {believe} in it?
Does anyone know what I’m talking about? #ha
Usually it leaves me with good vibes.
Unfortunately, this time that’s not the case. #boo #hiss

I feel like the words aren’t coming out right.
Then I remembered this post.
Exactly what I needed to remind myself today.

Of course I came across some Pinterest Pins to help me out too!
What did we ever do before Pinterest? #forreal
With all that said.
I’m super thankful for our amazing family and friends.
I need to focus on them. 
Focus on all the blessings, because that’s where it’s at. #woooot

A blessing coming up is Mia’s 1st birthday!
Has it really been a year? #crazytalk
I was all set to take it in the direction of Fall and Halloween 
with a Pirate Girl themed party. 
Imagine hot pink and black striped leggings, 
pink pirate hats and blinged out eye patches.
Sounds weird when I put it like that, but trust me, it would’ve been the shiz. #maybewhenshe’solder
Then the other day we decided to have her party outdoors and I felt like my “dark” vision just wasn’t working.
Sprouts are going to be in swim suits 
and our backdrop will be green grass and blue skies. #thatstheplan
So I switched it up #IdowhatIwant
And now we are going to be celebrating Mad Hatter Tea Party style!

Amazeballs right?!
Even if I just do a couple details on this theme I will be one happy accomplished Momma!
So very excited to celebrate with our friends and family.
I’ve never thrown a party strictly held outdoors.
Any tips?
They’re welcome and much appreciated!
Happy Hump Day lovies!
Make it a great one!
M&M spent the night at Gpa and Gma’s, so we took advantage of a free night we had at one of the local casino/resorts.
I just might be off to take a nap. By the pool. Or soak in the hottub.

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  1. Whatever is troubling you lovely I hope it all gets sorted. I will be praying for you.

  2. Sorry you are blue, I am sending you some positive energy.

    The Pirate Party sounds amazing so keep that in your back pocket for another year. The mad hatter theme will be fun! (I just wish I was the Kara from the source!!)

    We do out door parties and only allow people in for the restroom. Some folks will still find their way into my living room when I am not looking so be ready for that.


  3. I often have Deja Vu..and usually at work when my patients are “going bad”. NOT a good feeling!
    I’ll say a special prayer for you and your family.
    The Mad Hatter Tea Party theme looks awesome! I’m sure all the littles will have a blast!

  4. hope everything gets better for you guys soon! love the mad hatter idea! i’m in the process of figuring out my little man’s first birthday!


  5. Sending you my thoughts and prayers friend! And I totally experience Deja vu but for me it usually comes in happy times.Let me know if you need any help creating printable tags or anything for Mia’s birthday, I’m trying to get some (free) experience in party prints 🙂 Thinkin of you!

  6. First.. Prayers are said!!!

    I love that tea party theme. Way too cute.
    If I have any tips for ya… I’d say to make sure there’s a shady spot…and clean the house anyways for guests, just in case it rains. (I learned that the hard way. Ha!)

    you should link this up at on my Wednesday Pinterest post.. I started adding a linky to it a few weeks ago. =)

  7. What a cool party idea! I hope everything works out and you start to feel better soon!

  8. sending prayers your way love! cuteee party idea!!! i love anything pink tho #duh

  9. sending prayers your way love! cuteee party idea!!! i love anything pink tho #duh

  10. Miss Mia’s party is going to be magical! 🙂 Your parties always are!

  11. Prayers for you! 🙂

    A Mad Hatter party, that will be so awesome!!

    Love you guys!

  12. I know just how you feel–it’s been a rough month for me but it’s hard to write about it. Hope things get better! And that party is gonna be great!

  13. I’m praying for you girl! BTW I love the party ideas. 🙂

  14. I just said a prayer for you hun!! And I love the Mad Hatters Tea Party idea! I can’t wait to see what you do! Happy Birthday to your wee one! xoxo

  15. Love you girl!!! You’ve been on my mind this week for some reason and maybe whatever it is is why! #yesimtotallysuperstitiouslikethat

  16. I’m always praying for you and sending you good juju, and if that doesn’t work I’ll cut a {beeeeeep}. Love you friend and I just know you are gonna rock all those Pinterest ideas for your little lovey’s party!!
    XOXO – always!

  17. I hope you are feeling better! prayers and love your way! 🙂

    also, I threw a Mad Hatter tea party last year for Halloween and it was so SO fun!!! I found some free printables and stuff if you need help with anything. let me know! It will be so so cute!

  18. Such a cute party theme 🙂 Love the colors!

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