1 Year 20 Wishes – Link Up Yours!!

You guys!! 
I am thrilled to be co-hosting this new awesome.fun.inspiring. LINK UP PARTY, with some fabulous friends to boot!
Truly Lovely
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Read about how this awesome concept came about over on Truly Lovely
I hope you’re as excited {and ready to take on the “challenge”
as I am, and hope you join in on the fun!

Here it is.
My 20 Wishes List – to be accomplished by next December. #booyah
Please note these are things I WANT to do for fun – for me, myself, and I!

1. Zipline
2. Go on a cruise
3. Wear a bikini {proudly}
4. Take M&M to Disneyland
5. Visit San Diego with the girls
6. California Vacay to see our Fam Bam
7. Girls night once a month {12 times}
8. Spa Day with my Momma
9. Get fake eyelashes
10. Makeover M&M’s rooms – full overhaul
11. Attend some sort of Blogger meetup
12. Take a photography class
13. Scrapbook. Period.
14. Host an all out themed dinner party
15. Send out “just because” cards once a month
16. Run another race (My 1st one is this Saturday!!)
17. Makeover our bedroom
18. Water Ski
19. Go on a camping trip
20. Get a massage

And there you have it!
Do you love lists?
Do you love checking things off it?
Make your 20 Wishes List now, then link it up below! 
The first progress link up will be next month! 
Hope you get to check something off your list!
Be sure to head on over and check out the other FABULOUS ladies that are co-hosting with me as well! #loveyouguys 
After linking up be sure to 

Happy Thursday!
Where the heck did this week go?

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  1. Awesome! I’m totally doing this! Any ideas for me? Oh I know: trip to Las Vegas to party it up with Kristine! Lol

  2. LOVE you back girlie! 😉 And your list! You can so rock a cute bikini! I would love to take a photography class too! Thanks for participating with us friend! Excited to see you work through your list!

  3. Sounds like you need more time for yourself to do these things! Take some time girl, go get your massage!

  4. This is awesome! I made a list for myself for 2012 but didn’t blog about it because I didn’t have a blog just yet. Such a great link up!

  5. Great list, hope you get to do it all!

  6. Awesome list. Definitely go to Disneyland. You’ll have a blast with the girls.

  7. Oh fun!!!!! I need to put one of these together!!!!

  8. Great list girl….good luck!!

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