Coffee Date Friday

Hey now lovely friends!
If we were on a date today, 
I’d ask you to meet me at In and Out for a burger, fries and a milkshake.
If that’s not your cup of tea how about a place that has sushi?
Because today, even after all the turkey and fixings from yesterday, 
that’s what I’m craving something fierce.
The Hub’s famous cherry torte
He even made our DELICIOUS Broccoli salad – both were a hit!
I’d ask how you’ve been, because I genuinely want to know.
I’d ask if you went shopping last night or in the wee hours of the morning.
Right away you might think that I did, 
because of the dark bags under my eyes.
But you’d be mistaken friend.
I’ve never done Black Friday shopping.
A few years back we saw that we could purchase our tv for the same price online, so instead of braving the crazies {no offense if you are one, more power to you!} we take advantage of the online shopping that also offers free shipping right to our door. #booyah! 
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As always I offer free shipping. #shamelessplug

Those dark bags mentioned above
would be from the lack of sleep that has been happening over at my casa for a few weeks now.
It seems a lot longer than that. 
The truth is I’m pretty sure it’s been since we had sprouts?
#maybe #mostlikely #thatsmystoryandImstickingtoit
MiaPia has been battling a running nose and some congestion the past few weeks.
Not that you could tell.

I’d probably go into a small pity party and let you know I feel like I’ve been failing as a mom more times than not recently.
I can’t shake it.
Since we are being honest I’ll probably start to cry.
Awkward you say?  
Yeah, I apologize in advance.
I’d tell you how my moods have been so up and down,
and how I.just.can’
I’d also reassure you there is no bun in the oven over here.
Not that I know of anyway {wink}.

Don’t worry tho, promise my pity parties don’t last long.
I get to talking about the girls and Nate and I’m immediately reminded how blessed I really am.
I’d also spend the majority of our date gushing over how amazeballs Nate is.
As my friend, I’d hope you wouldn’t mind or 
think that my bragging was putting your relationship down.
If you’re husband is amazeballs I say shout it from the rooftops, 
and you can bet I’d be one of the first giving you a huge hug and high five. 
With all the feelings of uncertainty and anxiousness hanging over us,
Nate has once again kept me grounded.
For that I am grateful.
I’d let you know that Ive also been relying on Him.
More so lately, because it’s what has been helping me get thru those insane moments of the day where I feel I can’t take anymore.  
I say I’m just letting it go and giving it to Him.
But easier said than done.
I‘m working on it.
I would thank you for listening to me.
And apologize for the crying.
We wouldn’t part ways without a hug and a future date of when we would meet up again
maybe next time I’ll bring the girls.  
Hope you’re all suffering from turkey day fullness.
It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
Love you all.
So grateful for this space and all of you.  
A peek into our Thanksgiving yesterday
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  1. Thinking of you, lady. I’m sort of in the same mindset so I can relate. It’s sometimes easier said than done to just hand it to Him and let it be, I know. Hope things look up soon and happy belated thanksgiving!

  2. aww!! big virtual hugs to you Kristine!!! It’s nice to see how the lack of sleep can be a blessing… ;)♥muah!!

  3. You seemed to describe me to a t lately too. We have had some rough days and nights around here and goodness I cried myself to sleep on Thanksgiving because I was just so exhausted and had lost all patience. Being a mom can be so hard sometimes. Oh, and on another note I did go black friday shopping but not until ten in the morning and got everything I wanted and there were hardly any lines. Yeah!!

  4. I always love you posts and am was happy to read that you had a great Thanksgiving. I can so related with those feelings you’re talking about. I always feel guilty for having them because I know how much I AM blessed. Then I end up mad at myself for not being appreciative enough….it’s a vicious little cycle. Life is hard, and I have to give it to Him each and everyday…sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. 🙂 I’ll be praying and hope you have a blessed holiday season.

  5. Sorry to hear you’re feeling low honey, always here to talk if you need to xxx

  6. Wow…that Cherry Torte has me salivating. PS. Those fringe boots might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  7. I wish we could have a real coffee date.. but something tells me it would go from a coffee date, to a lunch date into a dinner date! I would love chatting with you about all sorts of things! I hope your weekend was fab.

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