Friday Letters

Dear Husband, thank you for being so incredibly supportive of all of my dreams, AND for pushing me towards them even if I’m dragging my feet. #soblessed Dear Magpie, you are growing so fast! You are so wise beyond your years. Thank you for always being such a great helper! I appreciate you, but just know you are allowed to be a kid too. Love you! Dear MiaPia, you are full of sass and spunk these days baby girl! We love and enjoy your bubbly personality. I’ve had to try timeout twice yesterday. #epicfail #trytryagain Dear P&J, we LOVE having you here and seriously are soaking up every laugh, snuggle, hug, etc. We could SO get use to having you in the same town as us! Dear 1st Race aka Color Me Rad, you are tomorrow. #bringit  

Dear Rain, seriously? You are beating on our windows as I write this. Will you please hold off your showers during my race tomorrow? Please and thank you. Dear Monthly Friend, if you hold off showing your face till after my race I’d be Dear Unknowns, please show your face. Preferably sooner than later. Dear Baby Daddy, who always gets two letters, I love you. #always Last but not least Dear Friends, enjoy your weekend! If you haven’t yet, write up YOUR 20 wishes and link up here! If I don’t see you tomorrow, see you back here bright and early on Sunday for the Sunday FUNday weekly link up party! XOXOXO

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  1. The only reason I would run a race would be to do that one…..looks like so much fun.

    Hope AF holds off for you 🙂

  2. Have a great race & enjoy your weekend!

  3. Good luck on your race tomorrow! You’ll have so much fun! I have a race this weekend too…must be a good weekend for running 😉

  4. good luck on your race tomorrow – so fun! i can’t wait until this comes to my city, even if i’m just skipping or walking, but it would be so much fun. crossing fingers that it doesn’t rain!

  5. Good luck doing you run! Remember it’s wayyyy more fun to do it leisurely and make sure you get all your fun pictures during the race (after, you can’t add more color plus the “stations” are great backdrops!). Whatever you do, don’t wet your face to take the color off. BLOW DRY, dust and then wash when necessary.

  6. Love that Color Run photo! We had such a blast with it!

    Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

  7. HAVE so much FUN at the Color race!!!! 🙂 Excited to see pictures of you all ‘painted’ up!

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