I Am Thankful for Dirty Dishes

You read that right friends.
I Am Thankful for dirty dishes. #saidthismomthisonetime
Now hear me out.
Those dirty dishes even in all their inconvenient annoying glory 
represent food that we had to fill our bellies. #truth
I was so inspired and touched by a friend’s post {THANKS Megs!} the other day, 
I couldn’t stop chatting about it with the Hubs.
Life isn’t easy. Period.
Let’s be honest, it can suck pretty bad at times.
But we are so richly blessed.
We know this.
To really stop and count our blessings {even the hidden ones} 
is food for the soul.

Since reading Meg’s post, the hubs and I have been hit with Tourette syndrome. #Hardcore
We have been spontaneously shouting different things we are thankful for,
whenever they enter our brains.
Some might seem ridiculous, but the intentions that are good are there.
Here are a few of the things we are thankful for.
See if you can guess who said which one. #HA!

For piles of dirty laundry.
We have clothes to keep us warm.
For a dirty house.
We have a roof over our heads.

For screaming baby girls.
They have healthy lungs.
For loud ass water heaters.
We have water. Heated even! #bam
For the {annoying} notifications beeps beeping on our phones.
It shows us love from people who make an effort to stay connected with us.

For Sisters and BFF’s that don’t care if they hurt your feelings.
The truth hurts sometimes. Thank God for the truth.

For driving in traffic.
We have a vehicle to drive.

For that last parking spot left way in the back forty.
We are able to walk.

For those times when my Momma was right. #doh
My Mom is pretty much {still} always right.

For unanswered prayers.

For that jackmonkey of a guy revving his engine over and over and over last night.
We have the ability to hear.

For inconsiderate “mean” people.
They remind us not only how not to treat people, but how to appreciate the good people in our lives.

For those times that we thought were “tough”
It made us stronger and who we are today. #PTL

Happy Thanksgiving loves!
Hope you get to spend it with people you love. 
Let’s see your {Thankful} list!
Feel free to leave your link in the comments section. 

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving dear friend! 🙂 Such great things to be thankful for!

  2. Awww, Kristine!!!
    Adorable!!! I am thankful, too!
    Happy Thanksgiving from a Canadian follower!

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving love.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Can you pop over and view my blog – trying to raise awareness about a girl from my community that has gone missing in the USA:


    Thanks sweets 🙂

  5. Word! Happy Thanksgiving. We are so richly blessed. Chaotic messy lives and all!

  6. Kristine!!! I love your post!! (as always…) the way you express your feelings ♥ I’m so thankful for dirty dishes too!!!!!! and everything else.
    Happy Thanksgiving friend ♥

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. So true!

  9. loved this…..so much

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