It’s OK Thursday

Yellow friends! 
And by yellow I mean hello. #justincaseyoudidntknow 
How was your Thursday?    
I am past the point of exhaustion. #truth
I must have conveniently {and for my sanity} forgot the “teething” phase with Maggie, because I swear I don’t remember it being like this.
It’s Hell and it’s kicking my a$$ #keepingitreal
Not to brag, but I do just fine on 4 hours of sleep.
Always have.
But 2 hours.
And even tho I know that our poor MiaPia is suffering way more than her complainer of a Momma, I’m still complaining to ya’ll. #IdowhatIwant 
My eyelids are heavy
but my mind is racing, so I‘m jumping on quick for It’s O….K…. Thursday!
It’s OK… 
that it’s my first time on the comp since Tuesday night. #bloggerfail #missedyouguys
that I’m writing to you guys instead of taking a shower. #priorities that I haven’t washed my hair since Monday. #truth #oyvey
to be pissed off disappointed when Nate has to go into work on his days off.
to be totally overwhelmed with my Momma role right now.
to miss and want more time in my wifey role.
to admit that the best Momma’s need a break. A true genuine break.
to take offers from my mom and Nate’s mom and dad to watch M&M.
that I feel guilty even tho I know I deserve a break #viciouscycle       
that it’s been 5 days since I ran the Color Me Rad 5k and I’m still gushing about it.

As you can see my fam is pretty AMAZEBALLS to come out and cheer for me!!
I was so grateful for their cheering section right before crossing the finish line. Totally made me feel loved and like a rockstar! #thankyouguys #soblessed #somuchfun

It’s OK… 
that I ate 90% of the package of Oreos Maggie picked out at the store. #healthyfail #rockedmysluttybrownierecipewithoutthem #tryityoulllikeit
that I feel like I failed as a mommy today. Not enough patience. #epicfail 
that I’m blaming some of the above fails to Aunt Flo. 
that I was praying for Aunt Flo to make her appearance, cuz the bish was late. 
that I now changed my mind and don’t want here to show her face ever again
that I’m being overly dramatic
It’s OK, because my craptastic tude {let’s be honest} is all Aunt Flo’s fault. Ha! #thatsmystoryandImstickintoit

Peace out loves! 
Check back Friday night!
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  1. Love your color run pics!! Gush away! And it’s been mommyfail after mommyfail in these parts too. Hang in there. They don’t remember! Thank God!

  2. I can’t relate to the tired momma thing but I CAN relate to the tired part of it. I am exhausted. Work is crazy…life in general is crazy! You look fantastic and the fact that you’re writing on the blog instead of showering (LOL) is pretty awesome and shows your love for the peeps 🙂 Keep it up, Momma!

  3. I feel ya on the being overwhelmed with the mommy role. I have been feeling that way a lot right now. I do wish I had more time for my hubby too but he has been working insane hours! 🙁

  4. The Color Me Rad run looks like so much fun!! I am trying to get back in shape and hopefully run in one next summer!

  5. I’m still jealous that you did that race!

  6. You deserve a break!! Mommy’s need breaks so that they can operate at full capacity. You are right when you say it’s a vicious cycle, but know that it is OK!! Glad you had fun at the race 🙂

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