It’s OK Thursday

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Its Ok Thursdays

It’s O.K….
Left > Right – Top > Bottom
That I didn’t realize Breaking Dawn was a “part 2” until I sat in the theatre to watch it. Yup, somehow I missed Part 1? #genius
To wear Daddy’s socks
To eat Jack in the Box tacos for breakfast #andlunch #anddinner #andasasnack
To have a picture of a Mormon temple on a beer ? #seriously #awkward
To eat half of a smore pizza all by my lonesome #youwouldtoo #dontjudge
To take annoying vain self portraits when you’re rockin a good hair day even with no makeup on #holla #longhairdontcare

It’s Ok to blame my SIL Annie for gaining all 7 pounds back I had lost. #sadsadtruth #homemade #fatassprobs

It’s Ok to have everyone sing Happy Birthday to you {over and over again} and to pretend to blow out all the twinkle lights on your mini pink Christmas tree. Actually it’s more than ok, it’s pretty awesome! #Maggiesidea

It’s Ok to use pillowcases as capes and be superheros! #sofun #cousins #Prestonsidea #awesomesauceness
Obvs it’s also ok {per Maggie} to eat an ice cream bar as an appetizer before dinner #motheroftheyear

According to Mia it’s Ok
to be happy one minute, then whiny the next. #stillsocute
Apparently it’s also Ok to eat markers… #whatdItellya #motheroftheyear

It’s Ok
to take advice from inanimate objects. 
Preferably red cups full of goodness. #tasteslikeChristmas #peppermintmocha

It’s Ok that some of my FAV pics are blurry as heck!

It’s quite alright O.K.
to have such an amazing Momma. #aka #Lola #loveyoumom

It’s Ok
to go on TWO {count em two} Momma’s Night Outs in one week!
#myhusbandisamazinglikethat #latenightsafterthegirlsareinbed #SILs

It’s Ok
to be ghetto fabulous sometimes. #mykidsdontcare #fabulousisfabulous #hopscotchanyone #packingtape #kitchenfloor #bam

It’s Ok to want to assume the best in people.

It’s {really} Ok to monetize on blogs. #myhumbleopinion #workingSAHMs
Want to join in on the fun over here at our casa?
Check out my deets on what I offer to grow your shop and blog! #hollaback

It’s NOT Ok that Maggie snuggled my belly for a good five minutes talking to her “baby sister” #wtf #itsallmySILAnniesfault #checkforreferenceabove
What are you Ok or not Ok with this week?
Link up with me here, and as always feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments so I can check your list out.
Bottoms up/Cheers to a fabulous Thursday!

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  1. Hey! Stopping over from the link-up because my maiden name is Foley! Small world! Love your list, hilarious. And I’m totally stealing that hopscotch idea one day.

    Stop by sometime!

  2. Kinda thinking I need to join this one… I could go on and on about the things that are OK in my life this week… haha #lifeiscrazy #busyholidaytime

  3. Penny was trying to eat a marker the other day… the things kids do.

  4. Confession: I have never tried Jack in the Box tacos. If only we had one nearby! It’s tragic, really…

    Please stop by and say hello! 🙂

    Have a fabulous day!

  5. I’ve been thinking about getting my Lil’ Miss (1yr old) a pink Christmas tree for her to play with…you’ve just convinced me…IT OK! Happy Thursday!

    Momma Goose

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