My Stomach is in Knots

Hi friends!
Hope everyone went out and made their voice heard today
or for you {over}achievers who voted early, kudos to you all!
This is one beautiful country we live in. #canIgetanAmen
We’ve got a family size humoungous Papa Murphys pepperoni pizza in the oven and I can’t help but hold my breathe as we watch the election. #dearLord  
My stomach is in knots.  
Did you vote today? Did you vote early? Did you not vote at all?
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iPad Mini anyone?!?
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Be sure to come back and enter, enter, enter!

You can bet I won’t be moving from this spot till all this election hoopla is over and done.
Did I mention my stomach is in knots?
God Bless America!!
Linkin up here.
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  1. This election is going to drive me to drink! And look at you, always giving away awesome stuffs 😉

  2. I am so glad the election is over! Maybe now we can concentrate on fixing our country, rather than debates and name calling 😉

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