Toy Story Birthday Party

My nephew Kai turned 2 years old this past weekend!
My SIL Annie threw a rocking Toy Story themed birthday party, 
and I had a blast helping with the decorations.
Check out the goods below.
Look for decor in unexpected places. 
Remember I told you about Facebook Yardsales, well that’s where I found the shower curtain pictured below. Perfect use as a backdrop in my brother’s living room don’t ya think? AND it came with a face towel which was a perfect touch in the bathroom.
Isn’t Kai SO handsome?! #cantbelievehestwo!
For the photo station Annie made the rocket ship from cardboard. #momoftheyear
For the backdrop I used a black plastic table cloth (Dollar Tree baby!) 
and taped yellow hand cut stars to it.  #easypeasy
As you can see Woody and Jessie made an appearance too! Check your town or near by ones for party places that offer this awesome service! Remember the mermaid for Maggie’s 2nd Under the Sea theme birthday party? Same awesome company here in St. George.
I came across a Toy Story folder at Dollar Tree as well.
I cut it up and put it in different sized frames.
I added some number 2’s and Kai’s name for some personalization.
I also LOVE putting up pics of the birthday boy/girl thru out the party decor.
I got the initial K at a scrapbook store in Vegas. 
I was going to modpodge it, but liked the “raw” look.
You can’t go wrong with balloons that match the party theme.
My SIL dubbed the kitchen “Pizza Planet” and made the cute spaceship to match.
The living room also hosted the movie of the party Toy Story of course!
Below is Kai and me. 
I’ve never seen it so I was asking him waaaaay too many questions. Ha!
I set up a craft station.
I free handed {like you couldn’t tell, haha!) and pre-cut all the different pieces.
Each circle aka cardboard cake plate held different body parts.
Ears, noses, mouths, etc.
Paper lunch sacks, markers and glue sticks were also provided.
SO fun! If I do say so myself {wink wink}.
You’ve seen my SIL work her baking magic here and here and here for our parties,
she did not disappoint with Kai’s!
My cousin Shani helped with the cake too!
Annie made the cupcakes too!
I may or may not have ate all those green “antennas” off those cute suckers!
And a bratty kid from the party might have told my brother on me… #brat #idowhatIwant #haha 
So yes! All in all a great fun party!
Honorable mentions are our fam coming from Cali and Vegas to celebrate with us! #goodtimes
Others are the Toy Story bounce house and Kai’s “Buzz wings” #sososocute

Oh yeah and Mia’s open mouth kisses #sosweet
And her rockin Panda/Cowgirl outfit.
Love you Kai! Happy 2nd birthday buddy!

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  1. Dumb iPhone! Great party!!! And isn’t he adorable in his buzz wings! Everything turned out amazing and those open mouthed kisses make me literally laugh out loud. 🙂

  2. What an awesome party! I can’t believe you’ve NEVER seen Toy Story!! Come on girl!! You need to have a Toy Story marathon with the fam! xo.

  3. soooo cute!!! such an adorable idea for the party

  4. Love the Toy Story theme.

  5. oh my goodness!!! Could that have been planned any freaking better? What great ideas – the picture frame, the craft station – the shower curtain back splash?! Wicked decorating tips, lady 🙂

  6. What a fun little boy party!!! How cool that you can ‘rent’ Woody and Jessie!

  7. What a fun little party…love it 🙂

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