Tuesday 10

How’s your week started friend?
Hope it’s nothing short of fabulous!
I know, I know… it’s only Tuesday.
Technically it’s still Monday night here, but whateve. #sueme
Ours has started off grand!
You know my awesome.sauce SIL Britney ??
The one I’ve been shouting from the rooftops is coming home
Well they’re here! #PTL 
They arrived from Singapore late Sunday night.
Well actually they flew from Hong Kong to Shanghai to LA to Las Vegas…
did I mention my BIL didn’t come?
So yeah Brit traveled with my niece and nephew all by her lonesome. #rockstar
You def want to follow her blog and follow their fun adventures!
Let her know I sent ya, that’ll get you noticed fo sho {wink wink}!
Unfortunately my niece Jayden is feeling a little under the weather, but they made it in one piece and we are SO happy we get to have them in our little town for a couple months.
M&M with their Kuya Preston taken today #myheartmelts #kuyaisolderboycousininFilipino

This week Season is bound to be a good one for sure!
For Tuesday Monday Ten, I’m sharing a few of our favorite moments from last week.

“Mom! Look! I pooped out a car in this bowl” Ummm… “Way to go babe! But you shouldn’t poop in bowls” “I’m just pretending Mom” #mybadMagpie I swear we haven’t been letting Maggie watch the movie Jackass #pinkypromise

Mia laughing snorting as Maggie {pretended} to continue to take a dump into said bowl above. #gruntingsoundsandall #ladylikemygirlsare

Trying to squeeze all four of us into a single shot, you know the kind where you hold the camera out at arms length. That’s how we roll. #totalsuccess #fourheadsbaby #waytogoHubs
Watching them sleep is def a favorite pasttime of mine. #sleeplittlebaby

Maggie getting a brainfreeze from her blue slushie. Over and over and over again. Photo and stories courtesy of Gpa and Gma
Mia enjoying her corn on the cob at the festival this weekend. Photo courtesy of Gma, and corn holding courtesy of Gpa.
Pico de Gallo – #enufsaid
Day 1 #30daysofthanks For an AMAZEBALLS baby daddy #thehubs #inlove #soblessed So happy to witness him rock #MiaPia to sleep
Packer train after the win on Sunday! M&M say “Woot Woot” instead of “Toot Toot” #loveit #socute

Playtime outside in the perfect Fall weather after Sunday’s game at Gpa and Gma’s house. So blessed to witness them play so nicely together. #meltsmyheart #sistersrule

What were some of your favorite moments from last week?
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  1. Holla! You are so totally blessed friend! I love your recaps. You and the mr. sure live it up. I love that about you guys!! Happy Monday/Tuesday. Xoxo

  2. I always love your posts girl and your pictures!! Have fun with your SIL!

  3. How fun to have your sister in law for an extended stay! I’m sure the kiddos will love having their cousins around, too 🙂

    MMM, pico de gallo! M&M are adorbs, as usual!

  4. Those are the most adorable photos!! I hope you bought Britney some Dr. Pepper. 😉

  5. your kids are so cute! i think it’s great that you’ll have this blog to look back at all your pictures and comments!

  6. you always have the sweetest pictures!!

  7. love your self taken family pic. you can barely see your little one in the back! too funny. girl you are hilarious, love reading your posts.

  8. Thanks so much for commenting on my Blog 🙂 I always love getting random posts from people! You have a beautiful family – LOVE the pooping in the bowl thing, hilarious!

  9. YAY for family being home!!!! 🙂

  10. It looks like you had a fabulous week. And your children are adorable!

  11. Newest follower from the GFC blog hop, hope you can come by and follow back 🙂

  12. Pooping cars in bowls!!! OMG I can’t stop laughing…..

  13. Laughing hysterically about your girl pretending to poop a car into the bowl! Kids…. they are so funny! Can’t live with ’em or without.

  14. Good for your sister in law for flying all that way by herself with those little kids! She must be brave! Looks like you guys are having a great time together!

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