Turkey Eve Day

I can taste my Mom’s Wonton Soup and Nate’s Cherry Torte 
just thinking about tomorrow… 
No worries friends, turkey and pumpkin pie are on the menu too!! 
Even tho I’m all about being more health conscious lately (ha!), 
I’m taking the day off!! 

Tomorrow is the day we throw all worries of caloric intake out the window. 
What a glorious holiday indeed! 
Putting the thought of food aside, there’s so much I’m grateful for.

For starters so grateful for Nate 
aka the Hubs aka baby daddy aka best husband ever. 
He works hard for us every.single.day. 
Who not only is by my side through it all, 
but God knows he is usually carrying me.
Photo Credit Janet’s Portrait’s Company – June 2009
Grateful for M&M.
Fall 2011
Fall 2012

Becoming a Momma has been the most rewarding, humbling, UH.MAY.ZING experience of my life. So blessed I’m their Momma.

Other things I’m grateful for in no specific order:
Our health
My Faith
Nate’s job
My Momma
Gpa and Gma
Our families who love and support us
Genuine friends

Happy Grateful Day from our family to yours!! XOXO
What are you grateful for?
November 2011
November 2012

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  1. Great photos!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. In elementary school, my friend’s mom would make homemade wonton soup for us and it was THE BEST THING EVER!

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving love!!

  4. um, wonton soup AND turkey? best meal EVER.

  5. Hope you had a lovley Thanksgiving!

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