A Million and One

Hello long lost lovers!
I’m here. Alive and kicking. #barely #ha
I’ve got a million and one things I want to share with you all since {just like prob all of you},
we have been biz.eeeee over here.
Luckily for us #forthemostpart all good, wonderful, AMAZEBALL stuff! #PTL

Take a peek of how we’ve been filling our days.
Lots of Christmas movies to go with our peppermint hot chocolate we devour pretty much every.single.night.

Playdates at my brother’s house = a picnic via twinkle lights.

Working my bum off to get custom orders from my shop out the door in time for Christmas! #shamelessplug

Glimpses from our weekend
Christmas Parade with our niece and nephew P&J
Maggie trying out a Tow-mater ride
Jammer party with Santa – Mia was a HUGE fan, till we sat her on his lap #oy
Peppermint Hot Chocolate #ofcourse
Finally made a felt tree for the girls #bestideaever
Gingerbread houses! Maggie made hers all by herself! #proudmomma

Tree decorating

Twirling in leaves #thatshowweroll

And last but not least, I am up and running again! #PTL
Since I haven’t been on the comp, def playing catch up on emails. 
If you’re waiting on me, please feel free to email me again. 
Thanks for your patience.
As you can see we’ve been enjoying the Christmas spirit around these parts with some of our fav people.
How was your weekend?
How is it Wednesday already??? 
Have a fun hump day ya’ll!
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  1. Great photos, too cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Lots of holiday fun going down I see! A felt tree is a great idea!!!

  3. After this post I am in the mood for some peppermint hot chocolate and a Christmas movie!

  4. Seeing her twirling in the leaves is priceless! I hope you sell lots of goodies for Christmas!

  5. Girl, it looks like you have been crazy busy but having alot fun! Which is SO great! Love you! xoxo

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