{do} Something

Thank you to every one of you who participated in every way shape and form
towards helping in aiding Sandy Hook.
Whether you were able to personally donate, 
or helped spread the word or simply sent up a prayer, you rock!
Every little bit helps, and whether we think something will make a difference or not is not the point.
To me it’s about the doing part. Taking action.
Remember, talk.is.cheap.  
So let’s keep intentionally doing.

Seriously love this blogging community and 
all your amazing souls shining brightly.
Speaking of shining, were you able to light a candle?
It has become such a great part of my our day, we will continue on.

Our family definitely took advantage of my little bloggy break.
Lots of park play time together.
Lots of Cousin time.
My nephew Kai with Magpie in their “tent” we made in our living room.
Fiesta Fun with P&J
Winner Winner Foley Dinner! All three big kids won JACKPOTS! #saweeeet

Lots of Love time. Lots of love indeed.

Daddy and his girls

My beautiful niece Jayden. I never turn down a photo op, even if I look as exhausted as I feel.
Skyping with my sister #lovetechnology
Having all THREE kiddos snuggle me, my nephew Kai is on my lap 🙂
Home cooked meals. Period. The Hubs made stir fry the other night, my fav.
More naps than usual #canIgetawootwoot Usually I’d devour this time with getting things done. I’ll be honest I could watch them sleep all.day.long. and I did just that. #bestillmyheart
Even with the horrible tragedy that occurred
life will go on.
But even now, days later, it’s not any easier to swallow.
We just got caught up on The Voice tonight after M&M went to bed.
They opened with a tribute to Sandy Hook’s victims.
Tears friends. So moving. If you have a sec check it out.

I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away? 
Are you ready? 
We’ve only bought a total of 6 presents so far! #slackin #bettergettocrafty
Do you have an idea for fun neighbor gifts? 
Drop it like it’s hot below in the comment section.
Please and thank you in advance. 
Have a great hump day friends! 


  1. Of course I do! “WE WHISK YOU A MERRY KISSMAS!” Take a new oven mitt, spatula, and whisk. Fill the whisk with Hershey Kisses. Tie and ribbon ’round that shiz and VOILA! Everyone has a kitchen 🙂

  2. You look like you had a great day and all of the kids are soo cute!

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  3. The kiddos are adorable… Looks like you had a blast!!

  4. I love skyping with my sister too! Love the picture of your little sleeping. Sometimes I not only watch my little guy I join in on naptime 🙂

  5. Perfect captures of family time. Your girls are adorable!

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