Elf on the Shelf – A Public Apology + BONUS GIVEAWAY

So I’ve been feeling/acting kind of “Scrooge-y” lately.
Not the duck kind.
 More like the kind below.
And even tho I kept brushing it aside, obviously there was a reason.
There always is, isn’t there?

Anywhoo the reason isn’t important.
Not in today’s blog post anyway.  
Bare with me, because after the awesome.sauce break weekend we just had 
I’m no longer feeling that way. #PTL

I’m thankful for my friends and fam that dealt with my “Scrooge-i-ness” #thankyou 
but the person who took the brunt of it. 
Was The Elf.

Maybe you know him/her by a different name?
Maybe Ralph? Maybe Milli & Vanilli {yup a duo!} 
Maybe B. Fiddlesticks? {He’s my fav, by far!}
But Yes, I speak of thee Elf on the {freakin} Shelf.
My sister posted on Facebook asking what the Hell was Elf on the Shelf?
I blew up her post.
Even adding #dumb to my rant of a paragraph.

Scroooooooge I tell ya!
Even tho I still think he/she is a creepy looking thing, 
everything else I said I’m “blaming” on my Scrooooge episode.

After posting my Facebook rant, not 5 minutes later my SIL Annie commented and said that she had just bought one for my nephew Kai and she thought it would be a fun way to bring a little extra Christmas magic in. 
To say I felt like a jack-a would be spot on.

Who was this bahumbug of a person I was acting like?
My sister called me {Because she always effin knows! Love you sistah!} 
and off on a rant I went.
She was like “You’re really that pissed about an Elf” ?
Yeah… no.   
It all came out.
It always does right? #thankfulforyousister

To make a long sob story short, I do want to apologize to the Elf on the Shelf.
I didn’t have any “real” beef with you.
To be honest, I’m thinking of getting one! #hypocrite #whateves
I think it would help me in better dealing with the whole “Santa debacle”.
#awholeotherpost #foranotherday    

Thoughts on Elf on a Shelf?
Do you have one?
Do you follow “the rules”?
I heard about the rules, but am thinking I’ll just make my own.

What’s a public apology without a little bribe?
Not a good one right?
So here’s a little giveaway for ya!
I recommend a peppermint hot chocolate AND birthday cake pop,
but feel free to use it on your fav drink and snack there.
To enter:      
Only mandatory entry is leaving an Elf name on this blog post.
Leave your Elf’s name in the comments below.
Or better yet a name for our Elf that I’m {thinking} of getting.
I’ll share the best ones in a future blog post as well. #bringemon
Rafflecopter  below for easy entering.
Now get to it lovers!

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  1. Maizy!

  2. My mom got one for my kids a few years ago and the kids named him Checkers 🙂
    and for a side note I have felt like scrooge too this year! and I am also having issues with a santa thingy…not sure if ours are the same but just glad I am not alone ha.
    Have a blessed day!!

    • Does Checkers stay at your house or Gma’s?? I’d be up for letting Gpa and Gma deal with the Elf lol!! Sharing my Santa post soon! As long as we can be Scrooge’s together 🙂 XOXOXO

  3. I personally think the Elf is kinda creepy. He reminds me of Chucky..scary! ha

    I love the name Kringle or Griswold (if you’re a Christmas Vacation fan). 🙂

  4. you should name him Tiddy or Teddy

  5. I think Ellie would be a cute name for a girl Elf on the Shelf. I mean, how could you ever frown with a name and a smile like that? =) Now, I want one. I didn’t know there was a female one. 🙂 -Alexis

  6. I personally don’t like the elf on the shelf idea…my stepkids’ mom does it (nooo, that’s not why i hate it…).but she drills it into their heads that if they act up even just once, the elf will report back to santa meaning less gifts….#ugh. I mean I don’t like the concept that you are punished by getting less material things. that’s just…superficial to me. Can I even tell you that I don’t like the idea of Santa? Some guy creepin into people’s houses to leave them gifts just because they said “i want”, yeah, um no.
    Maybe I’m the scrooge!!!
    Either way, I believe Christmas is about Jesus and his birth, family, love and just taking time to reflect on the year that is passing and being thankful for all of the non-materialistic blessings that we have.
    So yea, that’s what I think.
    So you ain’t alone #soulsistah!

    ::RANT OFF::


    • EXACTLY! I guess I should have wrote about my rant, but that’s EXACTLY what my prob is with the Elf AND with freakin SANTA!! I can’t get a good grip on it. I have a blog post set for Santa so look out, but pretty much you and I are #soulsistahs 🙂 Love you! I’m thinking my Elf will just be Santa’s friend. Not the whole “reporting” stuff. Hey maybe when M&M are older I’ll be all for “bribing” them to be good, but I would like to think not 🙂

  7. I”m not into the elf either. Maggie asked for one when she was younger because her friends had them but I just couldn’t bring myself to get one. Plus they seem too expensive and they you’ve got to come up for stuff for them to get into. I’ve got enough to going on in my everyday life without all that. oops looks like I went on a semi- rant. lol

  8. If I had children and got and Elf, I really like the name Jingle Belle. 🙂

  9. I’m doing a spin on this tradition using my teddy bear. His name is QJ so it’s #QJontheshelf. You can see all the pictures here: http://pinterest.com/framedfrosting/qjontheshelf/

  10. Omg I love you! We have 3 elves. B. Fiddlesticks, Joe, and Randal J. Kringleberries. Now I just saw the Rudolph movie and wish I would have used the name Cornelius. So feel free to name your elf Cornelius Jackson. Glad you like B. even if he’s sometimes annoying! Lmao!

  11. You could totally name him Beuford 😀

  12. Lol. Love ya. You can still think it’s dumb and it won’t bother me.

  13. Winkle! Haha!

  14. Jingle 🙂

  15. I think Christmas is supposed to be about love, forgiveness, family & generosity. People should be allowed to celebrate it however they choose– there is no right way, and no one religion or ideology “owns” Christmas. Historically, it was a Roman holiday adopted by the Catholic church to allow their followers to continue in a tradition of giving. Biblically, there is no date given for Jesus’ birth, and protestant religions rejected Christmas as they saw it as Catholic, and ultimately pagan. It was Santa Claus, coming in to America from Eastern Europe in 1830s that popularized Christmas and made it more universal. They are actually two different celebrations, the celebration of the patron saint of children, St. Nicholas (presents, trees, stockings– all of that is a nod to Nicholas) and Christ’s Mass aka Christmas, the Catholic celebration of Jesus’ birth.
    Declaring that there is only one right way to celebrate Christmas is really the opposite of what Christmas is supposed to be about. I don’t see why people shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate however they choose without judgement– after all, isn’t that the real meaning of Christmas?

    • Hi Tabetha. I agree with you. It doesn’t affect me at all if someone chooses to have an Elf on the Shelf or not. I reread my post and didnt think I declared the one “right” way to celebrate Christmas? Again I agree with you in that people should b allowed to celebrate how they choose.

    • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you said there was only one way to celebrate, I just meant generally! Seems like the topic is coming out on other blogs, and I inadvertently implied it was you. Sigh.

    • No need to apologize at all 🙂 I hear ya! Just wanted to make sure I cleared myself if I did come across that way, because that’s not my intention. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are a great reminder to what Christmas is.

  16. Forget the elf! I found this article the other day and I like Troll way better!

  17. Jinkies!

  18. I want one! Maybe next year when the baby is older. We’d call him… Calvin

  19. Our elf’s name is Sam but a friend named her’s Tinsel and my sister’s elf if Connor.

  20. You should name your elf after your favorite Starbucks drink =] maybe you won’t resent him so much haha

  21. spickle. I just think it sounds funny

  22. Buddy…like from the movie Elf 🙂

    The Tiny Heart

  23. I don’t have an elf – but I want to get one! And I’d probably name him…. Maurice?

  24. Coco is a great name 😀

  25. I want to get an elf for my daughter, but we’ve decided to wait until next year since she’s still a bit young.

    I wanna name her Sherree. It sounds like a sneaky girls name, doesn’t it?

  26. Elmer. I don’t know why, but that’s what his name would be. haha

  27. Our Elf’s name is Johnny B. Snickerdoodles. We call him Snickerdoodles. First time doing it and I don’t really follow the rules either but rather use it as a fun way to add some extra Christmas spirit. 🙂

  28. How about Spritz? Thanks!

  29. I don’t have an Elf, I don’t have kids yet, but I think it’s a fun idea. 😉 How about… Marty. You’ve got Maggie and Mia, so Marty seems appropriate.

  30. I’ve never done the Elf on The Shelf but maybe name him Jingles 🙂

  31. I guess I have been somewhere else because I never heard of the Elf till today! I also believe in celebrating Christ’s birth at Christmas and speeding time with family. Handmade special gifts and not focusing on materialistic. Maybe Frankie might be a weird Elf name?

  32. I’m an elf on the shelf grinch-I want to take the creepy little guy out so maybe asking me to name him is not a good idea. I say you name him OMFTFMTD as in one more freaking thing for mom to do. I think it rolls right off the tongue 🙂

  33. We don’t own one, and I don’t know if we ever will BUT if I had one we’d probably name him Buddy bc I’m obsessed with the movie Elf.

  34. Sebastian haha that is always my go-to name 🙂

  35. We have an Elf and his name is Bob. Boring, I know. But that’s what my 7 and 4 year old named him. I would have gone with something way cooler, but it’s for them, right?
    At least he does cool things. He has so far gotten into my stash of stickers and stuck them in some strange places. We know it was him because he had a few stuck to himself. He also got into the Kleenex box and made himself a little pillow and blanket with them. We found him snoozing away next to the box one morning. Last night he went for a joy ride in one of the boy’s monster trucks. Knocking over a few things in the process. He’s a very mischievous elf!

  36. We don’t have one of these yet but I’ve seen this all over the web and it is such a cute idea. I would let my son pick the name being that he is 3 it would be interesting to see what he comes up with.

  37. We named ours Buddy!

  38. Call it Scroogy!!! 😉 I don’t have the little Elf and I’m right now finding out what it is……… not a fan so far…
    muah to you!!!

  39. You should go with an M name to go with M&M!

  40. I vote for Edwin. 😉

  41. Elmer .. . I like E names for the Elf.
    Go with Ellie for a girl

  42. I like Alphie the Elf.

  43. Greenie

  44. I’d go with Tasselhoff. It’s the name of a Kender from Dragonlance and is basically a mischevious little guy that always makes me smile.

  45. We never had an Elf on the Shelf either. But, if you did get an elf and name it, I suggest making him a Packer Fan Elf! “Peter Packer” #1 Fan – maybe with a Rogers or Favre jersey and then crossing it off and putting “Elf Foley.” 🙂

  46. carlton. haha idk why.

  47. I’ve never had one but if I did, I think I’d name him Shelly, lol

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