People are just People


Not everyone has the best intentions.
I’ve said it before and I know I need to gently remind myself that 
people are just that, people.
People who will make mistakes.
Some people will choose to hurt others intentionally.
Not everyone has my best interest in mind. 
Even tho that’s something hard to swallow, that’s ok, I’ve accepted it.
Becoming Momma has changed me.
It has made me more aware.
To really recognize and cherish and fight for what’s important to me and to our little family of four.
I had a talk with a friend who has dealt with and is dealing with a similiar situation as us.
The main conclusion I heard myself saying was consistent.

Everything else, everyone else, 
will always come after our little family.

In order to keep my sanity and give my girl’s all the love they deserve,

it’s best to surround ourselves with kind people.
They are alive and kicking I assure you.
Even if at times it doesn’t feel like that.

I know it’s not rocket science, but before having kids I found myself just “putting up” with people and their bs. Over and over again. #stillguiltyaschargedsometimes
Solution {again not rocket science} was to remove ourselves from destructive people and situations.
Obviously it’s not completely unavoidable, 
but if I allow those types of people in their lives, 
no one else is to blame but me. 

With all that said tho, 
this past month of “pretending” to be {ok} has been the roughest.
I was walking around like I was on egg shells.
Anxious. A bit angry.
I hate having mini panic attacks over something that I’m afraid of happening.
It hasn’t even happened yet. #wtf #getagripmotha
I know these thoughts don’t help anyone, especially me.
I now realize that panic is stealing time away from enjoying the right now.
From fully enjoying all the moments we are blessed with.
And man we were truly blessed this week.
Please disregard my crying puffy eyes 🙂
Today I’m choosing to love anyway.
Life’s too short right?
I will continue to work on forgetting forgiving.

Feel free to send up a prayer for this Momma.
I believe in good people.
I believe in the power of prayer.
How can I pray for you?

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  1. HUGS. I’ll be ok 🙂 Prayers to you <3

  2. You and I are totally going through similar things. Although I’m not sure exactly what you are going through I’m telling you that this post has in some way allowed me to exhale and breathe. xoxo

  3. I hate that you are so stressed, but I know it will all work out. You are strong and you fiercely love your beautiful little family. I absolutely love that quote. I just had to re-pin it!

  4. Motherhood has a way of putting things in perspective. There aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with drama when you have kids. Plain and simple! Keep on this path, you do you and be you. If someone doesn’t love you, their loss!
    Love you!!

  5. Of course I’m praying for you!!! for peace and forgiveness in your heart. If you want to shoot a little prayer for me and my little family.. that would be great!! we need to find a house asap and we need the help of an army of angels 😉
    big hugs xoxo

  6. xoxo – you are such an amazing mama! So sorry this month has been stressful and difficult. Love you to bits!! xoxo

  7. Well girl, I hope it all gets better for you! I am really sorry you’ve been dealing with all this drama lately. I say kick em to the curb. There’s no need to put up with people that put you down.

  8. I’ll be praying for you dear friend!

  9. awww i totally feel this post girl… TOTALLY…learning to let go, move on, forgive, realize some people simply dont care as bad as you want them to… i dont get it. i dont get how people can be insensitive and just not care that you also are human, even more so…someone you thought cared about you… ugh. i wont get started, but ive been there, still there, that feeling. God is helping me each day, move on, forgive, and let go… its not easy. only by his grace… love you…

  10. There are some people you meet in life that just bring you down. I’m dealing with a similar situation at work – that always gets a little rough when you’re working with someone you can’t stand, but I’m definitely learning lessons from it, as are you from what I can see in this heartfelt post. I think it’s perfectly OK to keep toxic people out of your life, and I’m glad you are taking a stand!

  11. you’re right. life is so short and while i am not a mom i can totally see how that is something that has to stay on the forefront of your mind!

  12. I have been right where you are. Was there this summer. I think it is really hard when it is family doing the bs-ing. You really can’t kick them to the curb. Set your boundaries, let God work in your heart where He may need to, and enjoy what you have right now…your beautiful family.

  13. Putting our little families first is the most important thing. And focusing on the fact that only they and GOD are the most important things to focus on is key. sending a prayer up for you right now lady.

  14. I love you girl!

  15. You’re so great – a great Momma, a great blogger.

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