Secret Santa Swap REVEAL

Hello lovers! 
So thrilled that I participated in the Secret Santa Gift Swap 
hosted by Kelly, Janna, and Tabitha.

Gift Swap
They were FABULOUS hosts and THANK GOD they kept me in the loop 
and kept reminding my busy lazy ass to get my gift in the mail already! #procrastinator #bloggerfail

I TOTALLY have tons of excuses as to why my gift went out late, 
some good – some not so good.
The link up date was even extended which totally saved my bum… 
and go figure a freakin blizzard got in my way! #wtf
I DO apologize {so so so sorry} to my secret santa, but in my defense I mailed it Monday, Priority mail, which supposedly guarantees 2-3 business days… so I was banking on it arriving by yesterday…. then when I checked your blog just now… no package 🙁 Bleh! #booooo #hiss

So to my sweet chickedee Janna 
(whom ya’ll know I LOVE, AND yes she was one of the freakin hosts! #epicfailonmypart)  
so sorry for the friend fail lovely!
I truly hope you enjoy everything once it finally gets to you! XOXOXO
P.S. Hopefully tomorrow, I will check tracking again!
This swap was extra fun, because they worked it out so that the same person wasn’t sending to each other.
I received the fun filled package below from the gorgeous Lauren!
Loved it all lovely lady!! THANK YOU!
The cupcake key holder was my fav from the start {so cute}
with the Jessica Simpson coin purse a close second.
FYI. Seriously everyone needs to get the color below! 
SO perfectly festive for the holidays, and who doesn’t love sparkle? 
This photo does not do it justice!

And the gel clings? PERFECT for M&M!
They dove right in!
So THANK YOU again Lauren!
Looking forward to getting to know you better! XOXOXO
So yup Secret Santa swap total success…
ya know except for the Janna not getting her package yet thingy! #doh!
It’s been all shits and giggles over here at the Foley fam household.
No worries I won’t be posting any pics of the projectile vomit that Maggie spewed on our way to church Wed night all over our car.
Want a good visual? #toobadifyoudont
It made it’s way onto the DVD player behind my headrest #oy
Or the poop that somehow managed to get in my surprisingly washed, combed and straightened hair. #gofigure #storyofmylife
Instead here’s one from Wed night after all the above went down.
#justkeepsmiling #justkeepsmiling
Puke and poop aint got nothing on us. 
She insisted we played salon before bedtime. #ha #howappropriate 
She did great today tho, so I’m blaming the vomit on the three one donut{s} her Uncle Mikey aka my Manoy aka my older brother let her devour while he watched her Wed am. #shetoldmesheatethree #haha
No worries Manoy, I’m not complaining.
THANK YOU for watching the girls while Nate and I caught a Matinee.
Seriously day dates are the best!
And seriously, if you’re considering seeing The Hobbit?
#justdoit #lovedit
I‘d totally post a picture of my nachos right here,
but my fatass ate em up before the movie started.
#icouldnthelpmyself #thosepreviewsarelong
With that I hope you’ve all had a great week!
Peace out hommies.
Not sure what’s up with my #gangsta talk lately?
I do apologize in advance.
It doesn’t seem to want to leave.
Just like this nausea that’s been kicking my ass
Ok really, peace out.


  1. BAhhahaha I KNEW it was you! Not because it was late, but because Kelly told me that it would be worth the wait and it was from a blogger I love 😉 I am not upset that it’s late at all, because I can show the other swappers that you don’t have to be mad if the package is a bit late. It’s the THOUGHT that counts. I’m glad that you got such a good haul and can’t wait to get my package! Thanks for participating, love!

  2. those gel clings are so cute! i want some and i’m 25…normal? 😉

  3. Thanks so much for linking up, that silver nail color is soo pretty. I will be buying it for sure.

    Happy holidays.

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