Un.be.liev.able. {$350 in Prizes #GIVEAWAY}

I’ve been meaning to talk to ya’ll about the little diddy below #namethattune

Oh.my.heck. friends!
To say I’m beyond humbled is an understatement.
This GINORMOUS, unbelievable milestone for me occurred exactly one month ago from today, and since them I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of how to celebrate!

With the generosity of my bloggy gal pals there are EIGHT prizes up for grabs!
7 Ad Space Packages from Moi to 7 lucky winners + 
the Grand Prize of $170 in Paypal cash to ONE winner = $350 in prizes up for grabs! #bam
If you don’t already know the fabulous ladies featured below,
I promise you’ll want to! 

 Photobucket My Adventures Through Mommyhood Absolute mommy LenaBActually KV's confessions  
I’ve been so blessed to have each of them supporting me and encouraging me along this crazy blog journey! I can’t thank them enough! #xoxoxoxo

Speaking of thanking, I thank you. And you. And you.
I’ve talked about {this love} here before, 
please know I still feel the same way. #loveyall #forreals
Again I want to reiterate whether you follow along for mommy tips, fashion, crafts, recipes, my funny charming sense of sarcasm or if you want to be honest {my giveaways} or really honest my kids are just THAT cute, I love you all the same! I can’t express my gratitude and appreciation for the community I’ve found here. #thankyousoverymuch
Ok on to the goooooooooood stuff {wink wink}.
I’ve made entering easy with Rafflecopter below.
Please note the mandatory entry is to follow my blog publicly via GFC.
The widget is over on my sidebar <<<<
Winning entries will be verified.
If you have any questions please ask.
Open worldwide & will remain open for 12 days.
{On the 12th day of Christmas… my true love gave to me
There are daily entries, feel free to go cray cray.
Good luck my lovely buttercups 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Looking for some help in regards to keeping up with your blog/shop? Check Cassie out!}


  1. I’d probably buy a new lens….and I just might treat myself to a dress for Dressember!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  2. If I won the money, I’d buy a version of photoshop.

  3. Plus, it would REALLY help with Christmas shopping over in this house of two artists.

  4. Given my track record, I would probably end up buying clothes with the money. ha!

  5. I would defiantly put the money towards my new camera! I’m hoping to get the Canon 5D Mark iii!! ^_^

  6. I’d go clothes shopping probably!

  7. Christmas presents for my kids! I haven’t even started shopping yet :/

  8. Christmas presents for my kids! I haven’t even started shopping yet :/

  9. Christmas presents from Amazon! It would be INCREDIBLY helpful!! Thanks for the giveaway, Kristine! As always, love all you do 🙂

    Miss V’s Busy Bees

  10. I’d buy some ad space on Living in Yellow and other fav blogs, maybe a book or two on Amazon 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh, if I won all that paypal cash I have no idea what I would buy! I usually like to have some money in there for when the mood strikes me to buy something online or through Etsy 🙂

  12. Wedding stuff 🙂

  13. I would hit the antique stores or etsy for sure!

  14. Dude!! Great giveaway!! I’d honestly probably stock up on some groceries!

  15. I’d buy my son the nintendo 3ds he wants for Christmas!

  16. I would put it back for bloggy things! paypal account is stictly for le blog! this is an amazing giveaway! 🙂

  17. This is a great giveaway! I would love to win PayPal cash!

  18. I would probably buy some new jeans and a purse. Kind a boring, I know! 🙂

  19. oooh… I would buy Christmas presents for my babies 🙂

  20. I’d either buy a new lens or some stuff for my daughter 🙂

    Great giveaway!

  21. I think I would go on a little etsy shopping spree. 😉

  22. I would put it towards my trip to America!! I neeeed to save money! But I might splurge some of it on some new make up 😛

  23. Some new clothes and a few ebooks:)

  24. I would probably buy something for my wardrobe. It needs freshening up.
    dluckyz at excite dot com

  25. I would finish up with Christmas presents!

  26. I would buy work out clothes : ) I am in need of some new ones. lindsayintx@gmail.com

  27. i would have to go on a pending spree in sephora 😀

  28. Dang! I told you I would donate too! Did I miss an email? Oh well, now I get to enter for all the awesome prizes! I’ll take it 😉 Congrats girl, you deserve it, and I will totally do another giveaway to make up for me missing this one!

    I like Ashley’s idea of saving it in Paypal for blog stuff. I could totally use it for sponsorship and stuff!

  29. I really would love some boot sweaters

  30. AMAZING!!! Congrats on your 1500+ and thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  31. I would hoard it up to buy people Christmas presents next year, since I’m mostly done shopping this year.

  32. Last minute Christmas shopping for sure! I would also use a good chunk for blog advertising 😀

  33. Probably would use to it to finish up the christmas shopping or use it for blog design! 🙂

  34. If I won the paypal I would but some photoshop actions..woo hoo! Congrats on the 1500 followers!

  35. id buy christmas gifts for all my friends and fam:)

  36. clothes

  37. I would use it do something fun for my oldest daughter. We sort of had to skip her birthday this year due to the Hurricane, and she never complained about missing the party, etc. That, of course, makes me feel SUPER guilty, so definitely something to make it up to her. Congrats on so many readers!! I’m glad to be following along~

  38. I would buy Christmas presents.. we’re buying on mostly credit this year, ugh.

  39. ad space on big blogs! 🙂

  40. I’d buy boots for me and a massage for the hubby!

  41. I would buy presents!!!

  42. I would buy presents

  43. The rest of my books for my 3rd semester of nursing school!

  44. awesome giveaway! I would buy my husband a bike, hes been begging for one!!

  45. Splurge a little on new boot then groceries.

  46. Christmas gifts for sure! Maybe something nice for me while I’m at it! 😉

  47. I would buy some boots! I’ve been wanting some sweet riding boots for a while now

  48. I’d likely spend some of it on goodies from Tookies, Part of it to cover my share of the hotel room for Blissdom, and then whatever was left over on more fabric! 🙂

  49. A little getaway for me and my hubby! 😉

  50. A Keurig!

  51. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I’d definitely use the money for some new furnishings/decorations for our new house once it’s ready. My wishlist is a mile long and my bank account is…not.

  52. I would be a bike! I’ve been wanting one for forever!

  53. If I won some money I would use it to buy my girls some new clothes!

  54. Pay off my credit card haha!

  55. Awesome giveaway!! If I won, I think I’d use the money towards a new camera!!

  56. A pair of new leather brown boots!

  57. I would buy Christmas presents!

  58. I would buy presents for Christmas or gifts for other people.

  59. This is a crazy awesome giveaway! I am so practicial with money so maybe a nice makeup treat for myself and the rest of the money can go to decorating the nursery (due in May)

  60. Not gonna lie, I am in DESPERATE need of some new bras and that’s exactly what I would get.

  61. It would go towards my iPhone savings plan 😉

  62. A new purse and pair of boots!

  63. I’d spend it on my loved ones!

  64. Probably bridesmaid gifts!

  65. I would blow it all on washi tape! OK… maybe not ALL of it… 🙂

  66. christmas presents for my family 🙂

  67. I’d go on a little clothing shopping spree!


  68. I’d buy my husband something!

  69. I am trying to raise money to go to BlogHer 2012, so this would totally get me there!

  70. If I won the cash I’d use it to buy items for a giveaway on my blog!

  71. Probably clothing. 😀

  72. I would probably go spoil myself with something from TIffany’s!

  73. Il buy my baby girl some clothes.

  74. such an apple nerd, i would get an iPad Mini:)

  75. I would spend half of it buying a new purse for work and give half to charity!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    500 Follower Kate Spade Giveaway

  76. If I won the grand prize, I’d probably save it in hopes that we’ll conceive a little one in 2013. Babies are expensive and any money helps!

  77. I’d probably go nuts on etsy

  78. I would probably buy a sewing machine or a keyboard for my tablet.

  79. I’d probably buy clothes for my legal externship next semester and/or a few things for my apartment.

  80. I need a new black bag for my laptop!
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  81. I would put money towards a new DSLR camera!!

    Teressa Mackey tjane.mackey@gmail.com

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