What’s the Deal with Santa Anyway?

Before we chit chat about the guy in a big red suit, 
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Let’s get down to it…
We went to an event here in our town where Santa was.
The whole ride there Maggie kept asking questions.
Questions that this Momma wasn’t ready to answer.

“Are we going to the Northpole to see Santa?” No baby.
“Santa lives in the Northpole Mom.” I know, but he’s visiting us here… in St. George.
“Why isn’t he making toys in the Northpole?” What?
“Doesn’t he have to make toys for every boy and girl?” Yes…. 
“He better hurry.” {silence} He has elves remember. #onepointforme
“I’ll ask him what he’s doing here Mom.” Ok, good idea Mags.
Seriously Magpie is TWO years old people!

Ok, you’re probably thinking:
Those questions weren’t so hard. Get a grip motha!

The real issue was/is obviously me.myself.andI.
I found myself feeling uncomfortable lying to my 2 year old.
Yes! About freakin Santa Claus!
I know, ridiculous right?!
I always had great expectations about playing Santa Claus to our kids.
It’s part of the magic right?
Except this Momma isn’t feeling it. #notyet #ihope  
What’s my deal?
Why can’t I help but feel like I’m bribing my child to be good?
Isn’t that a bad thing?
Won’t that teach them to expect something every.single.time. they do something good. 
This was a little bit of my problem with the Elf on the Shelf.
Be naughty and he will report to Santa and you get nada.
Be good and he will report to Santa and you get everything you want on your mile long list.
It’s the right thing to do.
How do you teach a child that??
Better yet, how do you MAKE SURE your child grows up to want to be good? And on top of it not expect anything in return.
I’ve had the scenario below happen to me before. 
“Please pick up your shoes so someone doesn’t trip over them.
What do I get if I do?
This was pre-M&M, but I remember thinking that I would die if my kids said that.
Now the whole “bribing your kid thing”. 
In some cases I suppose it works, as it should, and maybe some of you seasoned Mommas will agree sometimes it’s absolutely necessary.
Please don’t think I’m judging you. 
I know the whole Santa role isn’t clear cut and people can change whatever they need to to match their situation, but for this year I want to decide what role Santa is playing in our house.
And I need to decide fast, before Magpie lets off another round of questions.
Anyone else have these feelings? 
Am I just over-analyzing? #chancesaregreat 
What role does Santa play in your house? 

I threw out a poll on Facebook and Twitter
“How old were you (or your kids) when you “found out” about Santa? #curious
Some responses. 

Breenah – I was 6. My mom told me because I was getting way spoiled. 

Stephanie – eek I was in 5th grade

Whitney – I was six years old… in the first grade! A classmate told me!

Thanks ladies for sharing!
How old were YOU?
Please do tell.
Did I mention TGIF?
Well close enough anyway.
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  1. I think you brought up a good point. It’s weird that I don’t have kids but I’ve thought about that myself. Teach kids to be good just for the sake of being a good person and not to gain something by it.

  2. My mom siad I never really bought into the entire santa thing …. My uncle dressed up like him when I was a baby (my brother was 3) and we recognized him as our uncle! 😛 Cat out the bag … so they never really said much! We always got one present that said Love Santa … but it was in moms handwriting LOL so we just was always like AWWWWW thanks SANTA 😛 to my mom! 😛 i totally get your post! my little boy is 4… and although I dont say HUnNY SANTA IS NOT REAL! I sort of just tell him .. Friends, family, grandparents, mom and dad brings presents… we buy them and wrap them pretty! and Santa brings good spirit of christmas all around the world…. and that the true meaning of christmas in our house.. is the Birth of baby jesus! 🙂

  3. I struggle with this as well. I think kids should be able to enjoy the idea of Santa but learn that he is not “real” at a young enough age that it’s not traumatic! I was 5 when I demanded to know the truth from my parents, and when my mom told me the truth, I wasn’t upset at all. Our issue is that we tell our son about this magical being who loves him and brings him presents, who turns out to not be real, and we also teach him that he has a savior, who he’s never seen, who loves him, and who IS real! Could be confusing for a little one. But who knows how things will work out as he gets older? Definitely a concern for me too!

  4. Oh, and the tradition I’m setting up in our home is that they receive one unwrapped present Christmas morning which is from Santa, and he also fills stockings. All the wrapped presents are from Mom and Dad. So when we discontinue Santa, they hopefully won’t be too upset since the majority of their presents were from us anyway!

  5. I always noticed Santa had handwriting painfully similar to my Moms but I still loved the idea of Santa bringing me presents. My parents didn’t really correlate it with being good in a singular moment, they just said Santa brings presents to everyone and if I was good all year, he might just bring me exactly what I asked for. At least for me, Santa didn’t bribe into being good, he was just a nice guy around the holidays!!

  6. I tend to prefer the it’s ‘what you don’t get’ method. As in if you do good you don’t get in trouble. Versus do good get something you want. That’s not how the world works, might as well teach them while they’re little. As far as Santa goes I don’t know exactly what age I was, but I had a much younger sister so we played it out for years. Even now I have nieces and nephews, so everyone still acts like the believe.

  7. I held onto the belief until I was 10 probably. I like it!

  8. My parents focused a lot on the spiritual aspect of the season, so I guess that I never really focused on Santa. Not that he was forgotten, but my parents never used him as a tool to bribe me. I was just told that I had to believe in him or I got underwear for Christmas. Obviously, that was after I had begun questioning if he was real. I don’t think bribing kids is good. Except when it comes to allowance. My parents taught me a lot by making me earn my allowance. Other than that it was all about respect. I learned respect at a young age, and I also learned that I didn’t want “the look”. That was punishment enough!

  9. I don’t think I believed in Santa for very long. I’ve always been a bit skeptical. And once I realized people lied to me, I was a bit annoyed at the whole santa idea. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about how to broach the santa topic with children on and all it’s doing for me is cementing my belief that I just don’t think I can lie to my future kids. So whenever I do have a kids, I think it’s unlikely I’ll have santa as a tradition.

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