It’s OK Thursday

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Thursday = {It’s Ok} with Neely and Amber
Its Ok Thursdays
It’s OK
that I’m passing on my “Filipino mannerisms” to M&M.
Pointing to things with our lips…
More proof you say? Wish granted, click here.


It’s OK
That we totally had a park date sans M&M
#hothusbandalert #ournewpark!!
It’s OK
That my bff‘s baby bump makes me want to have a baby bump of my own something fierce! #whatawhore #itsokwerebffs #icancallherthat #withlove


It’s OK
That seeing this photo makes me die inside a bit cuz they’re growing
That seeing this scares the crap out of me! 3 kids in carseats? No thank you. I’m good with my 2 for now. #Cerrisseyouthoughtyougotme

It’s OK
That I didn’t feel one ounce of guilt as I savored each bite of the banana cream pie from Wolfgang Pucks Bar and Grill #delish #blate #mommasnightout #vivalasvegas #thanksKara #myotherbff


Its OK
That I’ve now lost 13 pounds #canIgetawootwoot but it’s NOT OK that Maggie STILL insists and talks to her “baby sister” in my belly #girliscraycray #theresnowayway


It’s OK
That I chilled in the car in Gpa and Gma’s driveway while the girls slept, just so I could savor absolute silence all by my “lonesome”
That Maggie woke up when I took the pic below #figures #dangnoisycamera

Jury is still out on if what happened below is OK???
I had to pee people! 
And it was literally less than a min!
Yes, in a minute they devised their sinister plan and put it in effect. #seriously
It’s OK
That we party late at night. #teaparty #sunnies
What’s OK with you today?

Do you love Bloglovin as much as I do?
Peace out loveers!


  1. OMG too cuteeeee!! I am so boring and lazy that I didn’t even do any pictures this time around…I think I’m over this month. But I just love love love that pic of your little girl in the sunnies and kissy lips!!!! I’m glad I found your site through the link up, I’ll be following along!

  2. Love that last picture, I need a girl! And that dessert? I don’t even like bananas but would probably eat this if set in front of me.

  3. That last picture is totally cute!

    Stopping by from Its OK Thursday!

  4. HAHA! The sneaky little stinkers! Don’t worry mama, everyone has to pop into the bathroom once in awhile… The little are just really quick! 😉

  5. After this post, I felt like we should be best friends. Just because.

  6. Love the chairs on the couch! Silly kids.

  7. Love that first picture! Sooooo cute.

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