#foleyfit Half Marathon Training in 7 Weeks #6

Hey now friends!

As you know {since I’ve been shouting it on all my social media sites}, I spent week 6 of my half marathon training in Hawaii. Seriously even tho we were on vacay I was pumped to keep to my running schedule. Well then vacation mode officially set in, and we were walking anywhere and everywhere so I lazily counted that as my “miles in” for the first 7 days of our trip. Yup, 7 days and no running at all. Fail.

Thursday morning I actually woke up before everyone else and it took everything inside me to get up, dress into 1 of the 7 work out outfits I brought {see I had great intentions!}, lace up my shoes and hit the pavement.

Gpa and Gma’s timeshare is right on Alii drive. Every morning when we headed out for the day runners, walkers, cyclists, etc. were all out enjoying the road. WISH SO BAD I would’ve made myself run at the beginning of the week, because I guarantee I would’ve done it every.single.morning. after. Seriously know why people make time to run in paradise.

I busted out a little over 4 miles. Man it was pretty ugly, but the beautiful scenery made up for it.


We arrived home Saturday.

Sunday Lindsey and I busted out 9.3 miles! You guys!!!! 9.3 freakin miles!!!

1004706_10202343124012929_272642324_nTaken from my Instagram: Last photo taken in my 20s. Not too shabby. If you think you can’t think again. You CAN do it! Whether its running a mile or a marathon or going after your dream job or going back to school you CAN do it! I will cheer you on the whole beautifully ugly way {trust there will b ugly times} and you know what? We will celebrate at the end! Love you all! Thanks to @Lindsey Kelly Keith for the run date & to our husbands who support us! #halfmarathontraining #foleyfit #FoleyPush #fitinspire #sweatpink #momswhorun #fitness #fitmom #dowork #weightloss #dontstopgetitgetit

We only stopped once to figure out where the heck we were, lol! To say I’m proud is an understatement. Still on a high from it actually! This weekend for our last long run before our half marathon {it’s the 22nd!} we are heading to Snow Canyon! So excited!

Yes, I just admitted I’m excited to run {at least 10 miles}. Who am I? If you think you can never be a “runner” just do it. You will surprise yourself.

Week 6

Thursday: a little over 4 miles

Sunday: 9.3 miles!

Stretched every day.

Week 7

Monday: Stretch + Strengthen {done!}

Tuesday: 5 mile run {Nada! Was so sick with a stomach bug last night, should’ve busted it out earlier in the day}

Wednesday: 3 mile run or cross {today!}

Thursday: 5 mile run + strength

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 60 min cross

Sunday: 10 mile run

Next week which is the LAST WEEK before the race! 

Monday: Stretch + Strengthen

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: 3 mile run or cross

Thursday: 2 mile run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: RACE DAY!

Happy Hump Day friends!

How are you doing on your Fitness Goals for 2014?



  1. This is so great that you are competing in a half marathon. I would love to do this one day! What an amazing experience getting to run while in Hawaii. Even for a just a day it had to have been gorgeous!

  2. It’s hard to get runs i on vacation! Hawaii is beautiful! Good job! Your getting closer!!!

  3. With that view I can’t imagine doing anything else but just sitting there and looking at it. Awesome job with busting out almost 10 miles when you got back. I would have busted something else entirely if I tried to do that. lol

  4. Good luck! I’m sure you had a gorgeous view on your run.

  5. I am soooo jelly right now! Jealous and fat and wishing I wasn’t! LOL Love your Hawaiian training pics!

  6. I am so jealous of that view! I always try to run somewhere that I have something pretty to look at. It really makes it easier to finish a long run, especially if it’s a hard one (ie coming back off a break)

  7. So impressed that you trained on your vacation!!!!

  8. You got to train with that gorgeous landscape?! I could never, I’d be too distracted!

  9. GET IT GIRL! i’ve been saying since December that I was going to start running and so far….nada! look at you being all dedicated and training on your vacation. Send some of that motivation my way!

  10. I was totally living vicariously through you IG pics in Hawaii!! Looks like ya’ll had fun and what an incredible place to run!

  11. You are so lucky you had such beautiful scenery! Jealous! Wish I could train for mine there:(

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