The {Dirty} Thirty #dirtythirty

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Yesterday I said goodbye to my twenties. 30.

How is it even possible? So much life lived, and God willing so much more to live.

Automatically I wanted to say I don’t feel any different, that this birthday is just like any other birthday, but I would be lying.

I don’t necessarily think it has to do with this “milestone” birthday, but just this season in our lives right now.

I feel good. I feel stronger physically and mentally than I’ve ever felt. I feel wiser. For the most part I feel confident in who I am in the many roles I play. This is huge for me. I feel more blessed and thankful than I ever thought was possible, and I don’t want to ever take any of it for granted.

I know a lot of this has to do with me taking my own advice that I shared a couple years ago. #dancelikeyoujustshityourpants #classic

Also it seriously makes a world of difference who you surround yourself with, and I’m so blessed to have the village we have. I’m better for it. My family is better for it.

A question that seems to keep coming up in my day to day “real” life as I meet new people who find out I blog is why do I blog? I wrote this post last year, and I’m happy to say I am still in love with this space.

I feel so extremely blessed for of YOU who continue to show up here and be present with me. Whether it’s thru a FB like, a Re-tweet, a comment, etc. I love that you get me. This blogging community is about real connections with real people, some who have become my dearest friends. THANK YOU for the many blessings you’ve given me and our family.

Looking forward to pushing myself this next year + checking things off on my 20 wishes list.

What’s the top thing on your bucket list you want to do?


  1. happy happy birthday!!!!!!! love that you are confident – it’s encouraging!

  2. Happy birthday, girl! Welcome to the 30s.

  3. Happy Birthday! Love you friend!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! You look absolutely beautiful and I’m glad that you’re feeling good!! Cheers!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday, momma!!!!!

  7. Love this post!
    You’ve got a new follower on Bloglovin!

    Have a wonderful day.


  8. There’s hope for me yet. You look fantastic- not a day over 22! 😉 Three more months for me…!

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