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Hey there long lost friends! The travel bug officially hit us!

I was thrilled thinking of all the time I’d have to just sit and blog during our travel trip to Hawaii, and just the thought of me thinking that merely days ago makes me laugh. Blogging while we travel {with kiddos!} is kind of impossible ha! I did sneak in a quick comp sesh to catch up on my favorite peeps a couple days ago complete with Bahama Mama and all…


…but other than that, today is the first day since we left to travel for Hawaii that I’ve been really on the computer. 6 days since leaving Utah. Say what?! I forgot what it’s like “vacationing” with sprouts {wink}. We have been hitting the hay as soon as their little heads finally hit the pillow for the night. If you need a refresher on vacationing with sprouts read this here.

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This was Mia’s first time to travel on an airplane. She did so well, we were so proud. She got scared when we first took off and she saw the ocean underneath us. She was so funny shutting the window shade quickly just to slowly move it back up to sneak a peek at the vast ocean. When she would see we were still flying over it she’d quickly shut it again lol! “I don’t want to go to Hawaii anymore” she proclaimed. Too cute! She only “cried” once when she requested to sit next to Gpa and we told her she’d have to wait until the pilot said she could get up and switch seats with Ate aka when the seat belt sign went off. Waiting isn’t baby girl’s strongest quality. Magpie did AMAZING! This will be her 7th flight in her 3 years of life so girlfriend really is a pro. She was so excited from the minute we got on the airplane. She also got to sit by a window next to Gpa and Gma.

Did they stay in their seats the whole time? No.

Was there no whining the whole 6 hour straight flight of travel? No.

Was there less than nice people we encountered during our travel? Yes.

Was the flight mama anxiety/stress free? Unfortunately not.

But we made it. And we’d do it all over again, because the trip so far has been so amazing!

Hope you are all having a great week! I can’t promise when my next post will be, but I can promise that I’ll continue to blow up my Instagram and Twitter feeds so feel free to follow our shenanigans there @tffunedited is our username on both sites.

Peace and love friends.

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  1. Have a wonderful time!!! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  2. That’s awesome!! They are so cute and much braver then me. I couldn’t do it.

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