Five on Friday, TIGF – Birthdays, One on One Time + a Dose of Nostalgia

Holy cow it’s Friday! This week I unintentionally unplugged from my computer. Seriously haven’t blogged since Monday. Craziness! Doing a little Five on Friday action to share our blessings this week.

1. I went through all sorts of nostalgia at Gpa and Gma’s house this week playing in the closet that Nate built with Gpa when we were living with them when we first moved back home. It was Maggie’s room back then. Reminds me that time is just flying by.Grateful for my little family.

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2. MiaPia and I got to spend the day just the two of us while Daddy worked and Gpa took Maggie on a date {for lobster!}. We took full advantage and went to Fiesta Fun AND the Children’s Museum. It’s so fun to be able to take that time and spend it with each of them individually. My girl is getting so grown up. She even went on stage at the Museum with about 8 other girl’s and sang “Let it Go” with her microphone aka a Tinkerbell Pen I had in my purse. Thanks goodness for that pen. So proud of my girl! Grateful for one on one time.

TIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblogTIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblogTIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblog

3. Nate had to work all last weekend, so he had Monday off. We took full advantage and headed to one of our favs Pine Valley to escape the heat. We did some fishing, which unfortunately unlike last time resulted in no fish caught. We weren’t too sad, because the girl’s love exploring the trails and having a picnic lunch under the beautiful trees is food for our souls. Grateful for Nate and how hard he works for our family. Grateful that he finds energy on his days off for adventures for our little family.

TIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblogTIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblogTIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblogTIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblogTIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblog

4. I’ve said it time and time again, but I LOVE living near grandparents. Seriously so fun that Gpa and Gma and Lola spoil the girls. Gma is in Wisconsin for the week, so Gpa came up and took us to lunch and to Nielsen’s Frozen Custard for dessert. My first time and it won’t be my last. SO yummy! I recommend the Bumble Berry. We also had lunch with Lola at the McDonald’s playland, then spent the afternoon with her one day this week. Grateful for grandparents.

TIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblogTIGF #thefoleyfamblog #lifestyleblog

5. Blessed with awesome neighbors and a rocking clubhouse. We made time for a pool date together + enjoyed each others company way past bedtime outside. Grateful for friendships.

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6. What can I say, I had more than five. Every year we have a themed party for the girl’s. Frozen is looking like the winner for both of them this year. I always say nothing major, but it always ends up kinda… sorta… more full blown than I imagined. What I’ve come to realize is that we enjoy putting it all together {together}. The girl’s and I. We love getting all sorts of crafty. This time we are having Maggie’s party at a venue here in town, and I wasn’t going to do any decorations. At all. Then last night, yes literally last night we went to town and had a ball. I realized that we do it, because we love it. Why I want to “keep it low key” blah blah blah, I’m not sure. We love us a good party, and creating the decor together is the icing on the cake that I just need to embrace. If you missed my Frozen Popcorn Balls you can see the recipe here. SO excited for family coming from out of town and friends coming to Maggie’s party tonight! Grateful for our rockstar village!

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What are five {or so} things happening over in your casa? Cheers to the weekend friends!

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  1. Lots of summer fun! <3 Great pictures! <3

  2. Good for you for unplugging for the week, sounds like you were having too much fun to bother with it all, which is a good thing. I am so jealous that you have grandparents close by- our closets grandparents are 9 hours away and the others even further. We had frozen custard this weekend too- I called it ice-cream in my caption from my post today but it was custard 🙂

    Looks like such a pretty place to hike and fish.

    Thank you so much for linking up!

  3. Jess Scull says:

    Sounds like an amazing time!

  4. we had a fun week:
    1. my parents scooted off for a mini-vacation yesterday and headed to Disneyworld for a few days. they deserve it!
    2. i went to nyc last night to see the tonight show starring jimmy fallon
    3. i finally got to lay out on our hammock this afternoon and got some sun!
    4. we’re heading to a philadelphia phillies game tonight
    5. it was a busy, but productive week at work!

  5. So is it okay that I’m kinda jelly that you have the girls’ grandparents whenever you want?! I wish – lol:) And I think I just had a grand idea – we need to use the excuse of going fishing so that me and the fambam can visit you. The kids have been wanting to try fishing forevAh…
    I love ya, soul sista…thanks for linking up on the new TIGF!

  6. Such a great post. SO much summer fun with the family. Love it!!

  7. Such a great post. SO much summer fun with the family. Love it!!

  8. Oh wow, what a beautiful area, I want to go hang out in Pine Valley too!

  9. Uhm seriously, could you guys BE more cute?!

  10. I love seeing how loved your kids are! They are so happy! You’re a good momma, you know that? xo.

  11. wow, looks like you had a great time. 🙂

  12. You have a beautiful family! Nice to see a family that loves spending time together!

  13. adorable photos! looks like its been a fun summer 🙂

  14. looks like a wonderful time. that frozen custard looks delicious! 🙂

  15. looks like the girls had so much fun.

  16. What fun pictures. I love the crowns.

  17. Awww, sounds like so much fun! I JUST saw Frozen over the weekend and Let It Go has been stuck in my head since I watched it.

  18. Great for you for unplugging for a week. Such great photos 🙂

  19. Yay, so glad to see you link up with TIGF!! Also, awesome neighbors is always great! We’ve been pretty lucky with some fantastic ones for 13 years.

  20. That frozen custard? YES please!

  21. Pine Valley looks beautiful. You are having so much fun this summer !

  22. I totally feel you about not blogging since Monday. I think I maybe did the same only I didn’t try to post yesterday. Maybe I should try the 5 of Friday.

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