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Truly Lovely

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Kassi & Kayli @ Truly Lovely
Below are my 20 wishes that I want to do by December. For me these are just fun things I WANT to make sure I MAKE TIME to do this year. You can read last month’s progress here. Everything in blue has been checked off. Anything in pink is in progress.
1. Take a Family Vacation – Check! You can read more about our trip to Hawaii here and here.
2. Climb a Rock Wall
3. Go to the Beach – Check! Checked this off in Hawaii too!
4. Attend a Blogger Meetup – Check! Read about getting my bra sized for the first time here & Elevate conference here. More details on that to come!
5. Snowboard
6. Water ski – Sadly we didn’t make it to a lake that allows water skiing. Still hoping something gives so I can cross this off.
7. Spa Day with my Mama – Scheduled!
8. See my bff Cori – Check! Read about it here and here.
9. Horseback Ride
10. Take a Carriage Ride
11. Ice Skate
12. Take a Dance Class – Scheduled!
13. Get my ring tattoo
14. Take a Spin Class – Scheduled!
15. Go Fishing with Gpa – Check!
16. Bake a new dessert – Popcorn balls baby! Recipe here.
Frozen Birthday Party Favors Popcorn Snow Balls #recipe #diy #tutorial #thefoleyfamblog #sp #PopSecret #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn #cbias
17. Cook a new meal – I’m saying this is a half, because it wasn’t completely a new meal. Grilling brats is one of our favs, but we finally tried grilling corn – wait for it – on the grill! Oh my! We’ve been missing out! We soaked them in water with some salt for about an hour and a half. Then we put them right on the grill. Seriously that’s it! Usually I husk it before we grill them, but they were SO tasty doing it this way!
Grilled Corn and Brats #thefoleyfamblog
18. Take a trip with just Nate and I {sans baby girls}– Check! Lots more to share about our Mexico trip we took this month. It was just what the doctor ordered.
19. Take a Gondola ride
20. Run another race! – Read about Color Me Rad here. So happy the girl’s joined me this year. Too.much.radness.
I checked off a couple things this month, and have lots “scheduled” so I’m feeling great about my list. How did you do this month?

This month’s giveaway is from Bethani @ The Texan Pantry!

$10 Target Giveaway #TLTwentyWishes #thefoleyfamblog
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  1. ooh you want to get a ring tattoo also?? we’ve been talking about it ever since we got married.. and 4 years later.. still nothing! haha

  2. Those popcorn balls look so yummy!

  3. I can’t wear a wedding ring anymore, so I’m trying to decide on a ring tattoo.

  4. It looks like you are doing great on your list! My husband has a ring tattoo because he can’t wear a wedding ring with his job. 🙂

  5. Omg grilled corn. Friggen amazing.

  6. I want to attend a blog conference so bad! I’m thinking of saving up and going to SNAP or Blog Her next year. Will you be at either of those?? 🙂

  7. We’ve discussed getting ring tattoos when we get married and I really like the idea!

    Awesome list. Love the grilled corn!

    Katie <3

  8. MMMM popcorn!

  9. omg that popcorn ball looks amazing! I went on a gondola ride in the mountains last year and it was amazing – can’t wait to do it again!

  10. You’ve done a lot of the things on your blog! That’s great! 🙂

  11. You have a great list of wishes! I love that you have a bunch of them scheduled!

  12. I like your wish list — it’s a great idea! I am going to have to put on mine, grill up some corn on the cob! I’m starving!

  13. This is a good idea! I like a wishes link up!

  14. #1, man. We are so going next April. 🙂

  15. I love corn too much

  16. I think those popcorn balls are my next thing to make!

  17. This is such a fun link up! And those popcorn balls look delish!

  18. Spa day with your mama? Jealous!

  19. Great wishes! I think I need to make a list of my own. It’s good to write down what you wish for, that way you can really know what you want 🙂

  20. sounds like you’re really doing pretty well on that list! i think i’d like to do a “25 while i’m 25 list” for my birthday next month!

  21. Great idea! I love that you call them wishes instead of goals!

  22. Anne Burner says:

    Looks like you’ve got a great plan. As a bit of an introvert, I did the top thing that’s always on my list – socialize! Went out to a friend’s party, and also went to a signing at a local bookstore with one of my favorite authors.

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