Preparing for Preschool the FUN Way With the Help of Disney Junior

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Prepare for Preschool the Fun Way w the Help of Disney Junior! #Ready4Preschool #shop #thefoleyfamblog

4 years ago today I became a mama. How the years are flying puts a huge knot in my throat. I mentioned here that we enrolled Maggie into Preschool this Fall. To prepare her for Preschool we’ve been working on some fun things here at home.

While we were at Walmart the other day we browsed the school supply aisle in search of activities that would help prepare her for Preschool. Anyone else love that smell? That pencil/eraser smell is my jam. In the midst of smelling No. 2 pencils and erasers, we found a variety of Disney Junior Back to School items. I was so happy to find a whole section of Disney Junior Activity Learning “packs” aimed towards Preschool aged children. Seriously perfect for Maggie!

These four are the ones we purchased.

Prepare for Preschool the Fun Way w the Help of Disney Junior! #Ready4Preschool #shop #thefoleyfamblogPrepare for Preschool the Fun Way w the Help of Disney Junior! #Ready4Preschool #shop #thefoleyfamblog

The picture above shows what is included in each “pack”. Each one offered a different theme and the prompts were a great way to keep Maggie engaged, all the while learning.

Prepare for Preschool the Fun Way w the Help of Disney Junior! #Ready4Preschool #shop #thefoleyfamblogPrepare for Preschool the Fun Way w the Help of Disney Junior! #Ready4Preschool #shop #thefoleyfamblogPrepare for Preschool the Fun Way w the Help of Disney Junior! #Ready4Preschool #shop #thefoleyfamblog

It is an amazing thing to watch your child learn and understand concepts and actually put them to use. Not only did she have fun learning, it was hassle free for me! We’ve been practicing her name, and numbers, and the alphabet for a couple years now, but I’m not a teacher so I’ve always felt like she was bored with my “methods” of teaching her. Disney Junior to the rescue! If you have a Preschool aged child, head to Walmart and stock up on Disney Junior back to school items! Like I stated above, you can find them in the Back to School section, but if you’re a visual person like me I got you covered with the pictures below.

Prepare for Preschool the Fun Way w the Help of Disney Junior! #Ready4Preschool #shop #thefoleyfamblogPrepare for Preschool the Fun Way w the Help of Disney Junior! #Ready4Preschool #shop #thefoleyfamblog

Is your baby going to Preschool this year? How are you preparing him/her? 


  1. Oh those are super cute! My little girl will start a neighborhood co-op preschool this fall hopefully and then she’ll move to a regular preschool next fall. We work on flashcards and have a chalkboard table top that she practices on!

  2. Love Disney. Miss those preschool days.

  3. Your little girl looks so proud of her drawings, how sweet!

  4. Early education is so important, I’m glad that there are products out there to help with that.

  5. No lies, those learning packs look SO fun. They are something that I would have LOOOOOVED, like obsessively loved, when I was her age. I was so into that kinda stuff! And happy birthday Maggie!!

  6. Oh my goodness – so so so cute. Those books look awesome!

  7. It’s so great you’re fostering your child’s love of learning! I bet these books make it more fun than work for kids, too.


  8. She is too adorable! And they really grow up too fast, don’t they? Wishing your little one luck in preschool this year!

  9. these are great pre-school prep activities! i sub at a preschool from time to time, and some of those kids would definitely benefit from these!

  10. How cute! Looks like she’s enjoying those activity kits!

  11. These products look great!

  12. I am not quite sure that my baby girl is ready for these yet, but she would LOVE them! 🙂 I am wanting to start our own little home preschooling here in the mornings when her big brother does back to school in a couple of weeks. These would be perfect! We pretty much have Disney Junior on at this house 24/7 anyways, lol!

  13. Looks like they are having fun! Great product 🙂

  14. You are an amazing momma! Happy anniversary of the day you became a momma! Cheesy 🙂

  15. You are so cute and so are the babes!

  16. These are a must do. My kids love anything to do with Disney Junior.

  17. So, while I was reading through your post – my son peeked over my shoulder, and shouted, “I want!” Um, so guess what we’re going to do this weekend? 😛 Never too early to prepare your children – mine’s almost 3! <3

  18. how fun! maggie looks like she’s enjoying herself 🙂

  19. These are so cute and fun! My little girl would love these. Actually, all of my kids were, even though they’re older than preschool age.

  20. Love these learning packs! Anything that makes learning fun is great!!

  21. These look so great! Her H’s look amazing for a preschooler (From a teacher’s view)

  22. These are the coolest kits! My son loves them and I am stocking up on some for Christmas gifts!!

  23. I’ll have to pass these kits onto my friends with children.

  24. Looks like she is having a TON of fun while learning 🙂

  25. awww! She’s so adorable!!! Look at all of those awesome learning activities!! Yay!!

  26. I wish I had known about this last year when my niece started preschool!!

  27. These look great! My nephews would love them

  28. I absolutely love these! As a teacher, anything that helps with learning is a big plus!

  29. How cute is she?!

  30. Those learning packs look AWESOME! I even think my 2.5 year old would respond to them!

  31. Disney makes anything better.

  32. So cute. When my oldest went to pre-school we didn’t really do any ‘early’ training. He went at age 2 so really there’s not a lot to be done aside from talking and such. My youngest is 2 now and I work with him in coloring and activity books, naming colors and counting, abcs, etc. I’m not sure when he will go to preschool.

  33. I love how well priced they are! And in some super popular character themes as well!

  34. What a cute game! I didnt really prep my son for preschool. But I always tried to do fun learning games.

  35. Yay for pre-school and learning!!

  36. Oh, how fun is this!! I am going to have to try this with Kage since he doesn’t start school until next year!!

  37. My daughter always liked these fun kits when she was preschool age.

  38. She;s too freaking cute!!

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