Tips on Re-Branding Your Brand and My Real Name

Hey now friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll notice that I posted this announcement yesterday.

Re-branding a Blog #thefoleyfamblog #blogtipsandtricksYou can read the history of this blog and it’s re-branding here. Long story short, in 2013 I dabbled more into re-branding and making my online presence a better representation of me. I was set on my blog name which was and still is The Foley Fam {unedited}. With that said, when I went to change all my social media handles, unfortunately The Foley Fam {which was my first pick and ideal for my brand} was taken. I settled and was pretty happy with TFFunedited. I thought it still tied in well with my brand. 

Fast forward a year later and some “issues” have come up with TFFunedited. Nothing major, but definitely not very ideal and has left me wanting to claim {The Foley Fam} even more.

1 > Some people have referred to me as Tiff. At first I wasn’t sure why, but I guess when they were quickly trying to tag me they added the “i” between TFF. Now don’t misunderstand me, I have nothing against that name, but my name is Kristine… so yeah…. awkward.

2 > The {unedited} part seemed to take over the TFF part because it was such a long word, when The Foley Fam should’ve been the star.

3 > I’ve always thought simple was better. I wanted something easy and something others could remember at the drop of a hat if they wanted to tag me.

Well the other day I was at a blogger event sponsored by Waffle Love for the new food truck they’re bringing to St. George. You guys! Get excited! These waffles are to die for! Don’t take my word for it, I encourage you to try some once they officially open. Follow them on Instagram here –>@waffluvstg for when their grand opening happens. Of course I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops too once they do! Below are some fun pics from that night.

Waffle Love St George Utah #waffluvstg Waffle Love St George Utah #waffluvstg Waffle Love St George Utah #waffluvstg The Red Wonder + Nutella = that delicious-ness right there ^^^

Isn’t the artwork on their truck amazing?! They captured St. George beautifully! And seriously hands down best waffle I’ve ever had. Hands down. I can’t wait to try another one of their signature creations! It was a beautiful night, and I’m looking forward to having them in our town. Support local business peeps!

Back to re-branding talk {ha}. When I was passing out my information I had to explain my Instagram and Twitter handle. TFFunedited. Yup, it was not rolling off the tongue easily.

Fast forward to yesterday morning, I thought I’d check if The Foley Fam was available. Why yesterday morning? Not sure, but when I did it was available BOTH on Twitter and Instagram. SCORE! I changed both right then and there!

Yes, it’ll be a major pain to go update all my info on various sites I have my info on, but it’ll be so worth it.

So to update…

My Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all @TheFoleyFam, and I couldn’t be happier!

Tips if you’re thinking of re-branding: I encourage you to pick a handle that’s the same if not close to each other throughout your social media. Imagine how much easier it would be for your readers to remember you if all your handles were the same. You’ll want to check the availability on each one of your social media platforms, before committing and making the switch. Remember you want something that’s easily identifiable and represents your brand.

Again SO excited to move forward with the changes I was able to make. I believe this will be beneficial to my audience as well. And just for good measure, for those of you who kept thinking my name was Tiff I swear to you it’s Kristine {wink}.

Have you ever re-branded? How was your experience? Any tips? Please share away!



  1. Holy crap, rebranding is the most time consuming, hardest thing I’ve done but I was glad I did it. If you’re ever stuck in something you don’t want for your business, change it. The changing part sucks big time but you’ll be happier in the end. Yay for your name becoming available! Feels good, doesn’t it?

  2. Waffle love–holy yum! SO exciting you could finally snatch it up 🙂

  3. Girl.. I am in the middle of a HUGE re-brand and change over of things. =) So you better believe I am watching my social media handles like crazy. I’ve got Instagram switched over… but this chic who has only ever tweeted 3 times since 2011 has my twitter handle taken up. Boo!!
    Yay for you!!!! I’m glad you finally got yours!! It’s nice to feel and be unified across the web. For now, I will just be Brooke Arceneaux in some places, and Covered in Grace in others. =)

  4. I’m going to have to rebrand in a couple years when my husband retires from the military. I have absolutely no clue what I’ll change my name to though. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I’m just not good at coming up with stuff like that. Maybe I’ll take a poll or have people submit ideas.

  5. I just rebranded the look of my blog and changed up all my social media pictures and cover photos so that everything is the same. It took some worth but I think that it is way better!

  6. So happy you got those names. It really makes a difference. When I joined Twitter and Instagram, “Shaping Up To Be A Mom” was too long, so I took “ShapingUpMegan.” I actually love it because it includes my blog name and my real name, and I plan on expanding the “Shaping Up” brand, such as with my new site “Shaping Up Your Blog.” Facebook is still /shapinguptobeamom, but I feel like that fits Facebook better. Definitely an awesome thing to have your name streamlined through all of your accounts!

  7. In my head I totally always said, “Tiff unedited” even though I KNOW it was TFF.

  8. I went to look at your photos the other day and I had that problem of not finding you. I am glad that you finally got the name! When I re-branded (not that anyone remembers me switching) I was lucky enough to find a catchy name and have them all available. I don’t understand brands or blogs that have different names everywhere. It confuses me and makes me not want to follow because, to me, it seems that person didn’t check before re-branding.

  9. the Waffle Love looks good!

  10. Great thoughts! I am just starting to grow my blog and will soon get into other social media platforms, so this is really helpful! Thank you!

  11. This makes me anxious to get my waffle maker LOL

  12. Congrats on snagging the IG name! And holy cow – those wafflleeess!

  13. It’s always best to go with the simple answer!

  14. This reminds me that I still need to try to get my blog’s name on Twitter instead of blog name + “blog”. I definitely agree, a united social media presence is much easier than having different usernames!

  15. First off, YUM! I’m so jealous. and Second? EXCITING! How cool that you were able to switch.

  16. How lucky that it became available! I have gone back and forth, trying to decide if I want to change all my social media handles to my blog handle. Thanks for the information!

  17. I just went through a MASSIVE rebrand – so I have all the tips you need. Evs.

  18. Great that your name became available! And those waffles look to dieeee for!! 🙂

  19. I have seriously thought about it so many times because I like the Thrifty Firecracker, and it really does describe me (my closest friends would agree i’m fiesty and very thrifty haha) but i also wanted my blog to be about more than just saving money, so I’ve really struggled with this. in the end i just couldn’t find anything that was as original so I have stuck.. for now!

  20. i completely changed my blog name after i graduated from college. luckily, i really didn’t have much of a following at that point, so it wasn’t too difficult, but just thinking about rebranding now makes me cringe!

  21. yay for being able to grab the usernames you wanted! I wish there was a waffle foodtruck here, my gosh those look tasty!

  22. LOL Tiff. It’s like when people call me Olivia. Close.. but no… 😉

  23. Congratulations on doing a rebrand! And those waffles look SO delicious!

  24. The Red Wonder looks delicious!!!! Maybe I’m just greedy. I dunno.

  25. I remember when I changed from After ‘I Do’ to Why Girls Are Weird when I was going through my divorce. Such a headache but so worth it in the end!

  26. Congrats on the re-brand! I know how annoying it can be. Those waffles look amazing!

  27. At least it’s similar to before and not something major like I did. I went from Sippy Cups and Pearls to “After Eleven Blog” and I lost a lot of followers because of it. I’m glad you didn’t completely change it 🙂

  28. omg, LOVE your kimono! I actually chose my Blog name based off of my Instagram handle, and I really love having the same handle for everything. Also Hima isn’t the most common name, so I didn’t have to worry about the handles being taken!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  29. Waffles all day, everyday please.

  30. Awesome post! I’ve been thinking about a re-brand but I’m way too indecisive so I really need to sit on it!

  31. Nice! That waffle truck is adorable, and delicious too I bet !

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