4 {four} Years Old + a Frozen Giveaway

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Hi everyone! A cold bug bit our family last week, and we have been down for the count. Just when we think it’s gone… boom… it rears it’s ugly head. So sorry for the delay in this Frozen giveaway. I wanted to have it set during Maggie’s birthday, but man life has been crazy the last few weeks. Anywhoo, we are alive and kicking. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Just realizing how much Maggie has grown since last year is mind blowing. Her birthday was last Tuesday, where we celebrated at home with cousins, a family feast of Chinese take out, and one amazing Frozen cake made by my sister in law Annie. Before I jump into that awesome day, I wanted to document her birthday party a couple Fridays ago. Yes, she technically had two birthdays, and if we are being honest she had another “party” this weekend in Vegas, since Gpa and Gma weren’t here for her party last week.

The Friday before her birthday we had family from California and Vegas come and celebrate with us, so we had preplanned this birthday party in advance. We hosted it at Fiesta Fun Center here in town and invited Maggie’s little friends and of course their families who are our best friends. How our daughter is old enough to have “friend parties” already is beyond me. It actually kind of freaks me out, ha!

We arrived about half an hour before it was suppose to begin. I was all gun- ho to set up the Frozen party decorations Maggie and I had made the night before, but when we walked in the party room we rented out, it was already set up. The party package for each child included 2 slices of pizza, a drink, 15 tokens each, unlimited mini golf and soft play, a pass to ride the mini go-karts and a lei and a balloon. Well worth the $11.95 each. Sad that I didn’t take a pic of the table set up, but trust that when we walked in Maggie and I were both excited of the set up.

I did technically set up one table as the Frozen dessert table. And by setting up I mean a tablecloth and pics of the birthday girl.

Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog

My sister in law Annie made the Frozen inspired cupcakes. You can find the free printables she used here. My cousin Shani made the Olaf cake pops. Both were delicious! If you are in the Las Vegas area and are in need of delicious and creative desserts hit my cousin up on Instagram here, or search {@simplysweet.desserts}. She’s super talented, and you’ll see what I mean on her feed. Here’s a tutorial for Snowballs aka Frozen inspired Popcorn Balls we made for the party favors.

An easy way to personalize a party is to showcase pictures of the celebrant. The pictures I used for the party decor I just took out of Maggie’s scrapbook, so I didn’t even have to pay to have them printed. I also used frames I had around the house to hold the photos. Yay for free decor! I also displayed their Frozen inspired dolls from the Etsy shop Sew Darling.

Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Maggie’s dress I got from here :: My Auntie Carina ordered Mia’s dress from Amazon {affiliate link –>} here

Having the party at a venue that included so much for the kid’s was a lifesaver. Yes it gets pricey, but for us it was well worth the extra moolah. We figured out how much it would cost if we were to just have it at our clubhouse, and Fiesta Fun Center just made more sense to us. Huge bonus = no cooking and no clean up once the party was over!

Thankful it wasn’t as hot as it has been, since the kid’s decided mini golf was where it was at. I literally thought they’d play a couple holes and be bored. Especially since they all had to wait to take turns, but nope! They showed me. They made it to hole 16 and prob would’ve made it till the 18th hole, except I bribed them with playing arcade games. We upgraded our kid go-cart ticket that came with the package to the bumper boats, which was SO much fun. Super wet, but super fun!

Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog

With Maggie’s exclamation of “best day ever” multiple times throughout her party I call it a success.

In celebration of surviving the endless party-ing of my baby girl turning 4 years old, today I’m giving away a set of Frozen inspired dolls made by Ashley of Sew Darling. The same set we got the girls! Aren’t they precious?

Frozen Inspired Dolls Giveaway #thefoleyfamblog Use the code –>THEFOLYFAM20<– in Ashley’s shop to receive 20% off a sister set! Please note*** The code is only valid thru the giveaway! Hurry over, because she only has 6 sets up at this time!

Ashley was sweet enough to offer a discount code to my audience as an extra bonus, but other than that this giveaway is no way affiliated with anyone, nor was I in any way compensated. I just ordered an extra set to give away to one of YOU to say thanks for following us and supporting this little blog of mine. I can’t express how thankful I am for this community and the opportunities and blessings it’s brought my family and me. So THANK YOU!

Enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter widget below. Giveaway open to US and International readers of The Foley Fam {unedited} blog. Do one or all the entries, it’s up to you! You do NOT have to complete all entries to win. If the widget doesn’t appear right away please try refreshing the page. Click here for official rules & here for my full disclosure. Good luck buttercups!


  1. I have had my eyes on these dolls ever seeing them on Instagram! SO cute! My daughter would love them, and I am pretty sure she loves Anna and Elsa the same. 😉

  2. My daughter would LOVE these. She loves them both, it goes back and forth which sister is her favorite.

  3. I want to win for my daughter, she loves Elsa the best.

  4. I would like these for my sister and I, we don’t have favorites but I thought it would be cute for us to each have one to always remind us of the bond we have as sisters, especially when she’s away on duty with the Navy, stuck somewhere for months at a time.

  5. courtney b says:

    my daughter loves elsa. and that is who i would give these too !:)

  6. Like most little girls, my 5 year old LOVES Frozen! I would give the dolls to her.

  7. I would give them to my daughter, She likes Elsa the most.

  8. Audra O'Hara says:

    These would be for my daughter who is five. She loves Frozen and would adore these dolls. I’m not sure who is her favorite; I’m going to guess the brunette? (I’ve seen the movie, but can’t ever keep straight who is who. lol)

  9. amy pugmire says:

    I would give them to my 4 and 7 year old. they would love both. probably elsa more.

  10. I would tuck them away for Emma’s birthday this November! She adores both but mostly loves Anna. Ironically, Emma and Elsa start with E and are blonde, and Audrey and Anna start with A and have red hair. I think it’s meant to be 😉

  11. I would give them to my baby girl for her 1st birthday!!! She loves Elsa and I love anna

  12. Ryan Origon says:

    They would go to my daughter, she doesn’t have a favorite!

  13. Tee Anderson says:

    Id wrap them up and give them from my son to my daughter as her 5th birthday will be early October. It’s Frozen themed. 🙂 Anna is her favorite.

    Thank you!

  14. I would love to give these to my 3 and 5 year old daughters! They adore elsa and Anna and pretend to be each one everyday!

  15. Sarah Hayes says:

    id give them to my daughter. she would love elsa the most

  16. christine j says:

    my daughter loves elsa. this would be for her

  17. I would give them to my daughter, Izzie. Elsa is her favorite!

  18. I’d give them to my daughter as a birthday present!! She’ll be 6!

  19. My daughter would flip over these dolls – I would probably save them for Christmas. She loves both Elsa and Anna 🙂

  20. Susan Blackman Sharp says:

    I would to win these for my niece! She loves Frozen! Thank you!

  21. Laura Bradley says:

    I’d cleverly keep these 😉

  22. I would give the dolls to my daughter. She likes Elsa the best

  23. I would give one to my 2 year old and the other to my 6 month old. They don’t really have a favorite yet

  24. These dolls are adorable! And I’m so sad we missed Maggie’s birthday party!!! 🙁 We were out of town. Looks like it was awesome!

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